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The Most Awesome Famous People by Personality Type

I don’t know about you, but it’s so inspiring for me to know which famous people share my personality type! Whether they’re celebrities or fictional characters, you can learn a lot about yourself through these comparisons. If you share a personality type with Elon Musk (INTJ) or Wonder Woman (ENFJ), for example, it can give you some clues about how motivated and ambitious you can be. A lot of celebrities who share the same personality type turn out to have similar interests and outlooks on life. There’s really a great confidence boost too – knowing that you share a personality type with incredible people like David Attenborough or Vincent Van Gogh (both INFPs). Below are examples of some of the most inspirational famous people, celebrities, and fictional characters alike, that will definitely make you feel proud of your personality type!

INTJ Famous People

There are so many INTJ famous people, it’s hard to choose the most inspirational. The famous person who embodies the INTJ energy in its pure form surely has to be Jane Austen, though. Just listen to this quote – “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”.

INTP Famous People

INTP famous people make some of the most interesting storytellers – in art, literature, and music. Their Introverted personalities allow them to dive deeply into the self and find a way to create content relatable to the whole of society. Banksy, Lewis Caroll, and H.R. Giger are some of the most interesting examples of the curious and expressive INTP personality type!

ENTJ Famous People

Some of the most interesting plotters and mischievous personalities tend to be ENTJs. No wonder this personality type has the nickname “The Chief” – famous people like Steve Jobs and Joseph Stalin share this personality type. If you want to learn more about Famous ENTJ people, follow our link!

ENTP Famous People

People can often have a love-hate relationship with ENTPs – they are charming, but sometimes have a tendency to push people’s buttons. A great example of ENTP behavior is Giacomo Casanova, who aside from being an infamous Italian womanizer, was also a renowned writer, adventurer, musician, philosopher and alchemist. There are so many famous ENTP people, it’s hard to pick the one you root for the most!

INFJ Famous People

INFJ famous people fill the list of famous historical figures. With names like Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi, you might begin to question the opposing duality in this highly logical personality type!

INFP Famous People

INFPs are “The Dreamers” of the 16 personality types, and nothing reflects that more than the long list of famous people who share the type. Princess Diana of Wales is a beautiful example of the energy of the Dreamer type. She famously said, “I don’t go by the rule book… I lead from the heart, not the head.” There are so many examples of the romantic INFP type, it’s tough choosing a favorite, isn’t it?

ENFJ Famous People

ENFJ famous people are the actors of the 16 personality types. They understand emotion and their incredible empathy makes them some of the most charming and convincing people in their trade! When you hear ENFJ, think of the incredible talent of Meryl Streep and you’ll completely understand what this type is all about!

ENFP Famous People

There is no one better to embody the attitude of the organized and positive, always bubbly ENFP than a certain fictional famous person. Ever heard of the charming Parks & Rec character by the name of Leslie Knope? Well, you can read all about her and many more in our special ENFP famous people article!

ISTJ Famous People

What do you think Hermione Granger and Geralt of Rivia have in common? That’s right, they share the same personality type! But they’re not the only ones – there are over 100 more incredible ISTJs you can relate to in our ISTJ famous people article!

ISFJ Famous People

Did you know that some of the best athletes share the ISFJ personality type? Maria Sharapova (famous tennis player), Wesley So (chess player) and Roger Federer (tennis player) are only a few of the many examples. You can find out a lot more about ISFJ famous people of all backgrounds in the famous people article we wrote for you!

ESTJ Famous People

Interestingly enough, the ESTJ “Overseer” type makes for a number of really incredible culinary artists and chefs. Gordon Ramsay, Ljubomir Stanisic, Bartolo Valastro Jr. and Joe Bastianich to name a few. But ESTJs have even more impressive famous people in their ranks that you can check out in our ESTJ famous people article!

ESFJ Famous People

A great number of US Presidents share the ESFJ type – Franklin Pierce, William McKinley, Gerald Ford and now – Joe Biden. Of course, ESFJs dabble into a lot more than just politics! Find out more about famous ESFJs in our article!

ISTP Famous People

The Craftsmen of the 16 personality types, ISTPs are the jack-of-all-trades type. You’ll find plenty of famous people who share this type but are famous for entirely different reasons. For example, Kendal Jenner and Bear Grills share ISTP type. Want to be even more surprised by the versatility of this type? Check out our ISTP famous people article!

ISFP Famous People

Who better to encompass the energy of ISFP than the amazing Mexican portraitist that defined Mexican identity? That’s right, I’m talking about Frida Kahlo! Of course, there are hundreds of examples of amazing INFJ people, and you can find out more in our ISFP famous people (and characters!) article.

ESTP Famous People

If you’re an ESTP, you share a personality type with a famous Literary Nobel Prize Winner of 1954. I’ll give you some hints – he’s an adventurous, short-story American writer, with an affinity towards alcohol. You already know who this is, right? I’m talking about Ernest Hemingway Himself! ESTP makes for some of the most talented writers, so don’t be surprised if you see more on our ESTP famous people list!

ESFP Famous People

A famous ESFP person who’s part of the pop and contemporary music industry is Katy Perry – congrats to anyone sharing their personality type with an iconic singer-songwriter! Musical talent is only a small part of ESFP talents. ESFP people get famous for all sorts of reasons. Read more in our ESFP famous people article!

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