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PersonalityMax is the brainchild of Cynthia Halow, an MA in Psychology with a strong passion for Jungian teachings. The site launched back in 2007 and since then has been constantly evolving and adding more refined tests to its portfolio. PMax has been active for over 14 years and its tests have proudly been taken over 3 million times

Cynthia’s number one goal is to deliver the most comprehensive personality type information on the Internet. With that goal in mind and with a passionate team behind her back, she managed to create a website providing fact-checked and accurate information to all visitors. 

The Faces of PersonalityMax 

A popular African proverb says that: 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

PersonalityMax went far, indeed, all thanks to its small team of passionate personality detectives. Our superheroines believe in the importance of understanding oneself better, which echoes through various aspects of human lives. 

From INFPs to ESTJs, our team is a beautiful bouquet of various personality types. Here’s a quick look at each of the elements that make us who we are. 

Cynthia Halow

Cynthia Halow, Founder

Personality Type: INTP

Figuring out people’s inner workings has always been Cynthia’s passion. While she believes each person is an unique individual, she also believes that there is something, an algorithm if you will, that classifies humans into certain groups. Her life mission? To help others understand themselves better so that they can develop better relationships with others, prosper at their jobs, and lead satisfying lives.

Celie Danes

Celie Danes, Marketing and PR

Personality type: INFP

Celie is a newer addition to the team and she helps spread the good word of PersonalityMax around. Her degree in Mass Communication and Marketing gives her the expertise to ensure the hard work of our team won’t go unnoticed. Her ideas and enthusiasm to create the best 16 personalities content online, along with her being part of the rarest personality type, make her one of the most noticeable members of our team. 

Kimberly Lane

Claire Grayson, Article Writer

Personality type: ENFP

If you meet Claire and start to wonder if she is psychoanalyzing you, you’re not being paranoid – she definitely is! She’s a Psychology major student with a knack for writing who loves to dive into people’s psyches. Her articles will give you some of the most in-depth and eye opening insights on the personality type indicator.

Claire Grayson

Kimberly Lane, Editor

Personality type: ISTP

Kimberly has the eyes of a hawk and the brain of a typical ISTP (among many other awesome traits). She makes sure every piece of information on PersonalityMax is accurate, fact checked and of course, written to high standards. She supports our whole team and is the first port of call for anything that needs that extra attention to detail. Oh, and she’ll kick your butt at ping pong!

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It’s almost scary how accurate the information I got was. I feel like it described my strengths and shortcomings perfectly. – Samuel

It feels like I am getting introduced to myself for the first time. Knowing oneself is definitely a great power and the first step toward loving yourself. And if a person’s goal is to be happy, this is definitely a step worth taking. – Adanna

I started off my personality type journey like anyone else – with getting to know my own profile. However, as I started to dig deeper, I became more and more interested in the subject. Now, I can now successfully guess the personality type of most people I have contact with – a definite life hack!  – Paige

Very interesting read that was worth my while. It made me consider the way I make decisions and in a way gave me a “bird eye” of the way I navigate through life. – Haider

I believe knowing yourself and other people is the key to forming healthier and more meaningful relationships. Thank you, Personality Max for helping this to happen. – Tonya

I have to admit, at first I was sceptical. But after I got my results and started reading, all of that faded away. – Noah 

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