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Best Personality Type Relationship Matches

When you’re in a relationship with someone and you do a personality test, whether it’s an enneagram or a 16 personalities test, you always feel tempted to ask your partner and friends to do it too. But are you ready to find out if you’re truly compatible according to the 16 personalities theory? There are some personality type pairs that truly make the dream work and with their forces combined can become the ultimate power couples. Of course, there are many factors that make relationships work, but there are still some couples who have it better than others in the 16 personalities theory. This quick guide will highlight each type and their most suitable corresponding partner, so without further ado, here they are!

INTJ Best Match

The internet loves to joke around about INTJs’ cold exterior, but the one personality they absolutely melt for are ENFPs! INTJs may look calm and collected on the outside, especially because they like to deal with life in a logical way, but their feelings can be quite the opposite. Being in a relationship with an ENFP can balance them out and teach them a lot about how to handle their emotions. They may seem like complete opposites, but you know what they say…

INTP Best Match

This introverted Intellectual type actually finds balance and unity best with another Intellectual temperament. INTPs and ENTJs are extremely well-suited pairs. They aren’t exact opposites, but they complement each other through their differences. The laid-back INTP finds fascination and excitement with the extroverted ENTJ, and their Judging-Perceiving differences make for some interesting debates and problem-solving long-term!

ENTJ Best Match

Yes, yes, ENTJs and INTPs are an excellent match, but it’s not the only one. ENTJs are phenomenal people and with their extroverted qualities can be drawn to other types too. For example, the affectionate, loving and warm ENFJs, who inspire others to be their best selves. ENTJs and ENFJs can easily feel appreciated and inspired in such a relationship!

ENTP Best Match

ENTPs are excited people with high energy levels, so it’s logical that they would look for a partner to balance that out. Can you guess what chill, introverted type can balance out an ENTP? That’s right, INTJs and ENTPs are a great match, having the same rational understanding of the world in their core, but the opposite behavior.

INFJ Best Match

INFJs are great listeners who care a lot about others and what they have to say, after all, they’re called “The Confidants” for a reason! A lot of people would be lucky to have a partner like the understanding and warm INFJ, so you won’t go wrong to pair them with ENFJs, INFPs and INTJs. Of course, not everyone is attracted to their quiet and mysterious nature, but hey, that’s their loss, right?

INFP Best Match

INFPs are likely to match best with ENFJs. Both personalities share the Intuitive and Feeling function, helping them view the world from the same angle. At their core, they both have a great appreciation of each other’s emotions, despite one of them being extrovert and the other – introvert. They are equally tolerant and will prioritize the same values, making their relationship an excellent bet long-term.

ENFJ Best Match

ENFJs are “The Mentors” and a huge portion of their life is dedicated to creating meaningful relationships with others. It’s not surprising to find an ENFJ match well with almost anyone, but those personality types that have an Introverted Feeling dominant function will make for the best couples. ENFJs pair well with INFP and ISFP, able to bring out the most from their personalities, while also finding balance and harmony in their relationships with less pedantic and rational partners.

ENFP Best Match

The fun, bubbly, organized ENFPs and their “can do” attitude are matched well by someone with an Introverted Intuition as their dominant function, such as INTJ and INFJ. That way, ENFPs can compliment the other person and give some of that endless optimism to the more rational and laid-back types. INTJ and INFJs are also great at supporting ENFPs in their crazily ambitious endeavors, gaining an understanding of their motives and priorities like no one else!

ISTJ Best Match

ISTJs aren’t that big on surprises, spontaneous outings, or crazy adventures – they are traditionalists that prefer to look at life in a more practical way. ISTJs may seem difficult to understand at first, so they need the right people around. A great match for ISTJs are ESTP and ISFJs, who completely grasp their need for planning and structures. ESTPs are excellent communicators and great with other people, so the introverted ISTJs would find that interesting and attractive. ESTP and ISTJs actually have a lot in common, even though it’s not obvious to everyone.

ISFJ Best Match

ISFJs are “The Defenders” of the 16 personality types that value commitment, order and kindness in their relationships. That is why they are always ready to help a friend or neighbor out. ISFJs can get a little too comfortable in their safety bubbles, so they need a partner to challenge them, yet also understand their devotion to kindness. Such personality types that are definitely going to create a meaningful relationship are ESFJ, ISFP and ISTJ.

ESTJ Best Match

“The Overseer” type actually loves being around other people and prefers to have a more active and dynamic relationship. That is why ESTJs are better suited to be with other extroverted personality types, contrary to the rule that “opposites attract”. Such types are ESTP “The Persuader” and ESFJ “The Supporter” who can help create an extremely memorable relationship. Of course, there is an introverted type that can also match ESTJs energy – ISTJ “The Examiner” is another great personality type to join forces with ESTJ.

ESFJ Best Match

There is one type that the ESFJs get along with unlike any other – ISFP “ The Artist”. ESFJs are “The Supporters” so it’s no wonder that this type can have a great influence on ISFP. No one can reassure the ISFP type the way ESFJs can! Not to mention, ISFPs can give ESFJs some wonderful ideas and inspiration that no other personality type can match!

ISTP Best Match

“The Craftsman” type often feels misunderstood by others. ISTPs are loners that enjoy spending a lot of time on their work and funky projects. They may seem difficult to love, but once they feel like someone “gets it”, they can move mountains for their partners. ESTJs are the ones that really gain insight into the ISTP brains and bring out their adventurous and hilarious side. Sometimes, ISTPs need to have more control and order in their lives, and no one can quite teach them this craft like the understanding and motivational ESTJ!

ISFP Best Match

“The Artist” type is another difficult one to pair – their adventurous out-of-the-box thinking and unique energy can be tough to apprehend, especially by the SJ Protector temperaments. ISFPs match well with ESFP “The Entertainer” and ISTP “The Craftsman”, who perceive their point of view like no one else. They also have enough differences to inspire and grow together, making for some great long-lasting relationships!

ESTP Best Match

ESTPs are excellent communicators capable of reading other people’s emotions quickly. They hardly find it difficult to solve arguments and make compromises when needed, so the list of incredible pairings can be quite long. Overall, ESTPs match best with types that have the Thinking preference, like ESTJ, ENTP and ISTP, sharing similar values and outlooks on life. Of course, the most interesting pairing is between an ESTP and… another ESTP!

ESFP Best Match

ESFP “The Entertainer” has many friends, acquaintances, and fans (of course), so it’s often that they find partners on their never-ending adventures. ESFP likes to be in the company of people who are just as adventurous, extroverted and ingenious as them. Anyone quirky, with high energy, but also laid back. Sounds like a lot, but there are some matches made in heaven for ESFPs. Great relationships are formed with ENFJs, ENFPs, and other ESFPs!

If you’re reading this, you probably know your personality type already, but does your partner know theirs? Go one, send them the link to our FREE Personality Max test, and see if your relationship passes the matchmaking test!