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How to Spot Each Personality Type

Once you have found out your personality type, it’s easy to start spotting other people who share it with you. You know what signs to look for – Introverted vs. Extroverted, Thinking vs. Feeling and Judging vs. Perceiving are some of the more obvious traits you can notice in someone else’s behavior. But what about the rest of the types? Ever wonder how to spot if someone is an INTJ or an ENFP? It’s easier than you might think, and although it’s not as detailed as the Pmax test, after reading this article, you’ll know the most common “symptoms” of each personality type!

How to Spot an INTJ

INTJs are some of the easiest personalities to spot. They are most often the logical masterminds behind a project. INFJs are known to overcome most difficulties in life through reason and consistency. “The Strategist” type is often difficult to read and tends to be ridiculed for being emotionless. What most people don’t know is that INTJs have incredible depth and once they find the right crowd to show them the patience and understanding they need they can really let loose!

How to Spot an INTP

Much like their INTJ buddies, these guys have a reputation for being detached and a bit reserved. But give an INTP a task and a purpose, and you’ll quickly notice all the gears that start turning in their head. “The Engineer” type showcases their energy when they try to problem-solve. Nevertheless, this is an introverted type, so you’ll notice that socializing can be really exhausting for them. However, INTPs love swapping ideas, and when in the presence of someone who energizes and shares their enthusiasm, they start enjoying themselves a lot more.

How to Spot an ENTJ

There are a few leaders on the personality type list, and ENTJs sure make the cut. ENTJs are driven by their Intuition and Thinking preferences. They like tradition, order and are often rather orthodox. They have little patience for laziness or dishonesty. You’ll spot the “The Chief” personality type easily – the ENTJ knows how to organize their time and has an incredible focus on their goals, paired with enviable ambition.

How to Spot an ENTP

It’s easy to spot an ENTP. Just look for your friend that always gets caught up in a debate. ENTPs are also called “The Originators” – they have an immense library of new ideas and have the ability to look at anything from multiple angles. They’re outside-the-box thinkers and aren’t afraid to talk about serious issues. ENTPs much like the rest of the NT types aren’t there for argument’s sake. Instead, they have devoted themselves to a quest of expanding their endless pool of knowledge and finding true meaning in erudition.

How to Spot an INFJ

The first of the Visionaries types, the INFJ tends to be everyone’s best friend. Even though they’re introverts on the surface, they are extremely communicative. They love taking care of others – if you have an INFJ around you, you’ll spot them easily. They are the greatest listeners in the group. The ones to always stand up for the good in the world. The ones to give advice and offer a helping hand. INFJs are the “mum” friends in your friend group – they have all the answers and are always willing to share their wisdom!

How to Spot an INFP

INFPs are the chameleons of the 16 personality types. The “I” in INFP may stand for “Introvert” but people with this personality type are great at dipping in and out of their extroverted nature. Even though they are introverts by definition, they don’t mind being surrounded by a lot of people and socializing. They are idealistic, hard-working, determined, and have big ideas about the future. “The Dreamers” nickname for INFP derives from their incredible power and ability to go after a goal for prolonged periods of time. They dream big and achieve big!

How to Spot an ENFJ

ENFJs are the people with all the connections. They get energized by meeting new faces and are genuinely interested in getting to know everyone to cross their path. Do you know someone that seems to know a guy for everything? That right there is an ENFJ. “The Mediator” type loves helping and finds fulfillment in cultivating deep and meaningful friendships with others.

How to Spot an ENFP

Know anyone who is extremely organized, positive, and has a “can do” attitude? Someone with a lot of creative solutions, an excellent communicator who is a little bit type A, but their charm and genuine care for others balances out their intense personality? ENFPs can be extremely passionate and sometimes come across as bossy, but they’re all but good intentions covered by an extremely orderly and methodical exterior. Yep, ENFPs are also referred to as “The Advocates” for that exact reason.

How to Spot an ISTJ

ISTJs are part of the SJ temperament and they are intensely ruled by getting things done at all costs. Yes, ISTJs can have a tendency to put their work over their personal life sometimes. There’s an explanation for everything – they are factual, dedicated, detail-oriented people and often hold others to the same standard. Sadly for them, not everyone is an ISTJ and most have discovered working alone produces better results than working with others. ISTJs are just that good at getting things done!

How to Spot an ISFJ

If you have an ISFJ friend around, you’ll know – they are generous, kind-hearted and responsible friends, who will always provide help and guidance if they can. Even though primarily introverted, “The Defendant” type doesn’t have trouble communicating with others and finds satisfaction in being needed. For ISFJs, it’s important that they become part of a family – one founded on mutual understanding, growth, and combined effort.

How to Spot an ESTJ

ESTJ is one of the leader types, but unlike the more ball and chain approach of “The Chief”, “The Overseer” believes in democracy. They lead by example, impress with their charm and like to showcase that responsibility doesn’t always mean liability. If you have an ESTJ around, they commonly are fit for managerial positions but aren’t power-hungry. They are stubborn and believe that if everyone puts the work in, it will make society work. You might find your boss or manager to be an ESTJ if they present these qualities.

How to Spot an ESFJ

“The Supporter” type is another gem to have around! Similar to INFJs, ESFJ are ready to hear people out, nurture their friends and family, provide for them and teach people a bit of order. The main difference between the two is that the extroverted ESFJ will actively seek out people to help, while an INFJ would let others come to them for support. ESFJs are also likely to give rewards for a task well done and are incredible at creating close-knit relationships.

How to Spot an ISTP

“The Craftsman” of the 16 personality types is extremely easy to spot. Look for someone who reminds you of a mad but genius scientist – you have your ISTP. They are individualists, which is sometimes confused for loners, and their desire to break the status quo doesn’t always coincide with other people’s points of view. Regardless, ISTPs can awaken a passion and desire to be different and unique in others that no other personality type can achieve!

How to Spot an ISFP

“The Artist” type, similarly to “The Craftsman”, doesn’t like to go with the flow. ISFPs want to taste the essence of life and typically wouldn’t go for a normal and repetitive 9-5 job. They have incredible designer taste and a unique sense of aesthetics. Their behavior can be rather risky, but ISFPs are harmless and strive to explore all that life has to offer. Responsibilities and lack of freedom are the banes of their existence! Can you think of an ISFP you know already?

How to Spot an ESTP

There are a lot of things an ESTP would do with a bit of luck – their daring persona and undeniable optimism often lead them to live life to the fullest. “The Persuader” personality is a born tradesman – they can sell you any idea so long as they find the passion for it. But don’t mistake ESTP’s behavior for pure impulsivity – they are intelligent and usually quite successful people ready to overcome any challenge. I bet you can think of an ESTP friend right now!

How to Spot an ESFP

And finally – everybody’s favorite – the ESFP social butterfly. “The Entertainer” personalities are easy to love and hard to leave. Full of energy and optimism, these types have the confidence to live life like a movie! If you have an ESFP person around, they will be the life of the party, always ready to go and create more wonderful memories. ESFPs have many friends because they are caring, honest, and will defend people’s personal truths, and you’ll often find they can give any person the benefit of the doubt.

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