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The Most Common Personality Traits According To Your Type

Personality types share a lot of their traits due to the Four Temperaments. You’ll often find that an INTJ and an ENTJ will handle situations similarly, despite the fact that one is an introvert and the other – an extrovert. Their flash of genius and knack for rationalization combined with their logical thinking makes them prioritize information in a similar way. INFP and an ENFJ too can share a lot of similarities and philosophies of life. Sure, a lot of this has to do with their shared cognitive functions, but it also has a lot to do with some personality traits they have in common. Take a look at the most common personality traits for each type in the article below!

INTJ Personality Traits

Part of the NT Analyzer temperament, this personality type, much like its sibling types, values structure, order, and knowledge. ITNJs are decisive, like to enforce control in an environment and judge the world through logical eyes. There are many factors that make up the INTJ personality type. 

INTP Personality Traits

INTPs, commonly referred to as “The Engineers”, are also a logical personality type part of the NT Analyzer temperament. People with this introverted personality often showcase the same qualities – critical thinking, rational analysis, objective decision-making. They are thick-skinned, can deal well with criticism, and are excellent problem-solvers. There are many INTP personality traits that you can check out if you want more in-depth information. 

ENTJ Personality Traits

If you have found out you’re an ENTJ, congratulations – you’re most likely cut for leadership! People with the ENTJ personality type are extremely strong-willed and can work well under pressure. ENTJs also don’t mind working alone and produce great results. Want to find out more about ENTJ personality traits? Take a look at our detailed guide on the ENTJ personality type. 

ENTP Personality Traits

ENTPs are often charismatic, strong brainstormers, they’re quick thinkers, and have extensive general knowledge. They can be argumentative and look at the world from various angles, often playing Devil’s advocate. Are you an ENTP? If you’re curious to find out more, dive into the world of ENTP personality traits!

INFJ Personality Traits

Part of the NF Visionary type, this personality is also referred to as “The Confidant”, so you won’t be surprised to hear they make excellent listeners. INFJs may have trouble saying “no” in certain situations. For example, if a colleague needs help, they might find themselves neglecting their own work to help others. INFJs have some extremely interesting personality traits worth delving into!

INFP Personality Traits

INFPs are the Dreamers of the 16 personalities. They have extremely developed imaginations and much like the rest of the NF visionary temperaments, they have a knack for art. They are optimistic, hopeful and often romanticize the world around them. With these INFP personality traits, everyone would want a Dreamer by their side!

ENFJ Personality Traits

ENFJs would go out of their way to try and help someone. They are empathetic, good listeners, much like their INFJ counterparts, and can give genuinely good advice. With their Fe cognitive function as their drive, ENFJs understand the world through emotions. Want to learn more? Read our article on ENFJ personality traits!

ENFP Personality Traits

ENFPs are just as organized and determined to achieve their goals as ENTJs, but they are much more fond of giving an award for a great deal of hard work. ENFPs like to feel they are part of a community and are determined task-achievers. They are positive, optimistic and there’s hardly any stopping them when achieving their goals. ENFPs have a lot more wonderful personality traits which you can explore!

ISTJ Personality Traits

ISTJ is the first of the four SJ protector types. You’ll easily spot an ISTJ if you see someone who is extremely responsible. ISTJs are likely to choose lucrative and stable jobs that will create a comfortable life for them and their families. ISTJ is one of the most popular types, but that doesn’t mean they lack personality and depth. In fact, “The Examiner” type has some incredible personality traits worth knowing!

ISFJ Personality Traits

Much like INFJs, ISFJs are altruistic and kind. They are extremely likely to turn their colleagues into family and often lend a helping hand to anyone in need. ISFJs are one of the types to often be taken advantage of due to their kindness. You can learn more about what it’s like being an ISFJ if you take a look at their personality traits!

ESTJ Personality Traits

ESTJs, also known as “The Overseers”, are logical and determined like ENTJs, but are less flexible. The Protector types can be a little traditional when it comes to dealing with tasks and often have trouble with innovation. However, these traditionalists also value honesty, giving a great example, hard work, and competence. If you already know you’re an ESTJ you can learn a lot more about your personality traits in our article!

ESFJ Personality Traits

The last of the SJ Protector types is The Supporter – ESFJ. They are nurturing like ENFJs, loyal and dutiful, and would do everything for the people they love. This personality type is great at giving advice but unlike ENFJ, they would give more logical rather than emotional advice based on their personal wisdom and facts. You can learn more about how ESFJs work in our personality types breakdown!

ISTP Personality Traits

The four SP Creator temperaments are all artistically inclined but no one quite matches the artistic forces of the ISTP “Craftsman” type. Their hands-on approach and genuine interest in how things work make this type the jack-of-all-trades. ISTPs match the logical thinking of INTJs but add creativity and imagination to the mix. Has ISTP piqued your interest? Learn more about the ISTP personality traits!

ISFP Personality Traits

ISFPs love freedom and are willing to do a lot to remain the least tied down by responsibilities. Overall commitments for the “Artist” type can be difficult but aren’t impossible to work on. ISFPs have enviable skills when it comes to design and aesthetics, which is where they get their name. There are more curious personality traits that make up the ISFP type, which you can read about in-depth!

ESTP Personality Traits

ESTPs are born to trade – they have a knack for haggling and are extremely good at persuading people. These extroverts are active and can read people’s emotions with ease. Which also makes them good manipulators too! No wonder this type has been given the nickname “The Persuader” – they are that good! If you want to out persuade this personality type, take a look at the ESTP personality traits to learn the ins and outs of ESTPs

ESFP Personality Traits

ESFPs are born performers. They are contagious, bubbly, hilarious, people-oriented extroverts. They see the world as a stage. This extremely fun and wild personality type also has some other interesting personality traits – ESFPs aren’t the best planners and their organizational abilities aren’t the strongest, but they still manage to find a way to solve anything that comes in their direction. Want to know more about how the ESFP personality traits work – check out our article!

Of course, there’s no way of getting to know your personality traits if you don’t know your type yet. What are you waiting for – take the FREE Personality Max test to find out your type!