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Where is ISFJ Kate Middleton?


The Princess of Wales was recently diagnosed with cancer. She’s been absent from the public eye for about 5 months. 

People are concerned. Conspiracy theories are swirling. We all wish her a quick recovery. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that princessdom is a bed of roses. That’s what all the Disney movies promised! 

But real princesses like Kate might beg to differ. It’s tough being at the mercy of one of the world’s oldest institutions – The British Monarchy. 

Luckily, she’s an ISFJ. ISFJs are talented at managing uncertainty for the sake of traditional values. 

Let’s dive into why the Princess of Wales is the archetypal ISFJ!

Who are ISFJs?

Kate looking cheerful

ISFJs bring a sense of calm, order, and propriety everywhere they go. They will be the first neighbor to bring you a yummy casserole when you move in. 

The ISFJ takes the lead when it comes to organizing potlucks, church gatherings, family get-togethers, college clubs, and office parties. 

ISFJs have the uncanny ability to recognize when somebody is undergoing physical or emotional stress. They will whip up a hot bowl of chicken soup and nurse you to perfect health. 

They will be your shoulder to cry on. You’d be surprised at how well an ISFJ will understand you if you trust them.

Most people do not have the ability to properly listen to another person. Problems that would send another personality type scurrying away will be the ISFJ’s rallying cause. They will stand in your corner. They will silently but seriously support you. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that the world runs on fossil fuels… and ISFJs! 

How are ISJFs Able To Be So Supportive?

Kate Laughing

One answer. Their two top functions. These are introverted sensing (Si) and extroverted feeling (Fe). 

Introverted sensing gives them a strong internal awareness of physical space. Introverted sensing (Si) is their lead function. 

Because of introverted sensing, ISFJs are skilled at creating and maintaining comforting physical surroundings. Unless something is seriously wrong, the average ISFJ is a clean freak who keeps their living space tidy and tasteful. 

ISFJs make excellent cooks too, because culinary experiences are an important part of feeling comfortable in our own bodies. Their physical skills can also make them amazing athletes, musicians, dancers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, etc. 

Generally, an ISFJ can do anything they put their mind to. That’s because of their ability to commit to particular goals, skills, activities, and experiences until they feel that everything is done right. 

Adding their second function to the mix, extroverted feeling (Fe), means that they understand the sensations that their body produces, and are able to extrapolate this understanding onto other people’s bodies. 

ISFJs are skilled at creating and maintaining rituals and routines to keep groups of people happy, connected, and comfortable. Extroverted feeling (Fe) is all about good and harmonious relationships. 

The combination of their top two functions means that the ISFJ deeply understands history, tradition, and collective memory. More importantly, they understand their special place in all these things. This leads them to a strong sense of duty. 

Think of the classic example of a kind, sweet and committed teacher. That’s probably an ISFJ. ISFJs desire to transmit their sense of duty to younger generations. Their style of service is gentle yet persistent. 

ISFJ talents often shine in places where duty, tradition, and routine is valued. They are often the silent stars of major social institutions like the schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and places of worship.

The ISFJ Burden

Kate in cap

There have been lots of rumors and conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s disappearance from the public eye. Whatever the truth is, it’s worth looking into why ISFJs like Kate Middleton often end up under immense pressure. 

The ESFJ shares the ISFJ two top functions. These are introverted sensing (Si) and extroverted feeling (Fe). But the ESFJ lead function is extroverted feeling. That makes them primarily extroverted. 

The ESFJ takes in social experiences (Fe) to feel comfortable in their bodies (Si). The ISFJ does it the other way around. They project the comfort they already feel in their own bodies (Si) onto their social surroundings. 

This means that the average ESFJ will be front and center in a way that the ISFJ will not. The ESFJ will be most at ease with social experiences, while the ISFJ will be most at ease in their own body and living space. 

The ESFJ is the queen bee. ISFJs are worker bees.  

The ISFJ is integral to each social ecosystem yet is often overlooked. They are the quiet cornerstone without which everything falls apart. But because they tend to suppress their own needs, nobody pays any attention to them until it’s too late. 

What Makes Kate Middleton Such an ISFJ 

Kate group photo

1. Graceful, Patient & Resolute 

Kate Middleton’s natural grace has earned her many devoted fans. Despite her royal status, she’s able to connect with many different kinds of people. 

Kate Middleton does not come from an aristocratic background. She is known as the commoner who became a princess. 

Her parents started out as normal working class people, and they became millionaires through their party and decor business, Party Pieces. Her parents’ background enhances her simplicity and down-to-earth qualities. These characteristics are typical of people who have introverted sensation (Si) as their lead function. 

She also repeats outfits despite unspoken fashion norms that demand famous people wear new outfits for each social occasion. ISFJs do not like waste! 

You can also always tell an ISFJ by how patient they are. It’s easy for them to commit to a professional goal or personal relationship and slowly plug away at it. 

She endured a 10-year tumultuous romance with Prince William before she became his wife and the Duchess of Cambridge! The ability to simply wait earned her the cheeky nickname, ‘Waity Katie.’ 

Even though she did not get a fairytale romance, she eventually had a fairytale wedding. 

What’s more, once she became the Duchess of Cambridge, she began gradually taking on more responsibility to prepare both Prince William and herself for the throne, much to the delight of the royal family. For example, she spent a lot of quality time with the late Queen Elizabeth. 

She has a vibrant aesthetic side to her too, which is typical of ISFJs. Her fashion style is timeless. She’s a great photographer as well. 

She endured a pretty serious pregnancy illness called hyperemesis gravidarum throughout each of her 3 pregnancies. ISFJs tend to have a lot of physical stamina. 

2. Strong & Nurturing Relationships 

Kate Middleton’s family is simply picture perfect. She’s a devoted wife and doting mother. She loves to take photographs of her children and take them on royal duties. 

She’s launched many charitable initiatives in mental health, the arts, and early childhood development. 

Her enthusiastic involvement in public life is a great example of her second function, extroverted feeling (Fe). ISFJs are great nurturers of their families and communities. 

They are also excellent at building a strong public image. They often end up with enduring legacies. 

3. Strategic 

Before Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she handled conflicts with Prince Williams extremely strategically. She made difficult decisions to secure their relationship. 

This decisive nature is typical of the ISFJ’s third function, introverted thinking (Ti). 

They broke up twice but still ended up together. 

In the early 2000s, Prince Williams belonged to a generationally wealthy and very exclusive social clique nicknamed the ‘Glosse Posse.’ They looked down on Kate for not being blue-blooded. She was steadfast throughout. 

It’s not always a good idea to overlook mistreatment, however. When ISFJs endure too much for the sake of their relationships, they put themselves at risk of unnecessary long-term suffering. 

4. Occasionally Impulsive

It’s been reported that Kate Middleton suddenly switched her college choice to St. Andrews after she found out that that’s where Prince William would be studying! 

That kind of impulsive action is represented by the ISFJ’s weakest function, extroverted intuition (Ne). It seeks novel experiences. 

Kate also traveled and partied hard when she was younger. 

How The Public is Dealing With ISFJ Kate Middleton’s Sudden Disappearance 

Kate with kids

Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed women in the world. Her public appearances had become a soothing, if permanent, fixture. 

She’s always gone above and beyond to take on royal duties. Her ISFJ qualities helped her handle her role with grace, poise, and determination. 

An official photo of Kate and her children released in March was revealed to be doctored by AI. The feelings of worry and betrayal were immense. 

In personality typology speak, Kate Middleton’s body is missing from action. The public can no longer appreciate her introverted sensing (Si) performances through her photographs and public appearances. She’s not been seen at a public event for 5 months now. 

The concerned public has taken on Kate Middleton’s weakest function, extroverted intuition (Ne). At its weakest, Ne is very paranoid. 

The public does not trust official royal communication channels. They’ve dissected everything possible about her probable location, health, wellbeing, and picture and video appearances. They’ve rejected a recently-commissioned Kate Middleton portrait as ‘not looking like her.’ 

Wishing Kate Middleton All the Best 

No matter what the truth is, the Princess of Wales’ sudden extended disappearance shows that she is under extreme physical duress. 

We wish her all the best. We hope she’s doing well wherever she is.

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