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Introverted Sensing Function (Si)

Sensing people process data with their five senses, so the Introverted Sensing function allows a person to remember data in detail and be able to compare it to the current data.

Extraverted Sensing is the ability to link present experiences to past experiences in search for a connection.

Personality Types with Introverted Sensing

The ISTJ and ISFJ personality types have Introverted Sensing as their Primary Function.

ISTJ – The “Examiner”
Examiners have a keen sense of right and wrong. They are responsible, dependable and loyal. As gifted administrators, they value thoroughness, integrity and honesty. They are practical and believe that work comes before play. Examiners always have a plan and are prepared.
ISFJ – The “Defender”
Defenders are kind, loyal and considerate. They desire to serve and protect others sacrificially. They serve behind the scenes without seeking recognition. Defenders like routine and have excellent follow-through skills. They possess rich inner lives, are private and quietly friendly.