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How The INFJ Destroys You: The Kendrick Lamar & Drake Beef

Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef
Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef

Did you know that Kendrick Lamar is an INFJ? Let’s prove it to you using his latest diss tracks.

The dragged-out beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is heating up! It’s been years of two of the world’s most famous rappers taking slight jabs at one another. Now, the gloves are off.

Kendrick Lamar’s back-to-back Drake diss tracks have broken the internet. If you haven’t heard them, you must be living under a rock!

The tracks are in the trademark INFJ style. Let’s see how.

Why Kendrick Lamar Is an INFJ

Kendrick Lamar

1. Privacy

Despite his fame, Kendrick Lamar is very private.

He once said, “I’ve always been a person that really didn’t dive too headfirst into wanting and needing attention. I mean, we all love attention, but for me, I don’t necessarily adore it. I use it when I want to communicate something.”

This is typical of INFJs. They love to get lost in their minds. They shrink away from the spotlight.

Still, Kendrick accepts to be seen so that he can spread a message. Every INFJ feels like they have a special message to convey. They often make it their life’s mission to spread this message.

All of Kendrick’s work contains deep special meaning.

In the Myers-Briggs framework, this singular message corresponds with Introverted Intuition (Ni). This is the INFJ’s lead function.

2. Strong Relationships

Although Kendrick Lamar shrinks away from the public eye, he is deeply supported in his private life. This support system allows him to flourish artistically.

Having a genuinely strong support system in the cutthroat entertainment industry shows how much Kendrick Lamar values personal relationships. His family, friends, and creative partners keep him grounded and successful.

INFJs are bonded like glue to their loved ones. They always go the extra mile for them.

In the Myers-Briggs framework, strong relationships correspond with extroverted feeling (Fe). This is the INFJ’s second function.

Kendrick’s art is also very socially conscious. This is another expression of extroverted feeling.

3. Serious About His Craft

Kendrick Lamar is extremely serious about his craft. He doesn’t cut corners when it comes to making great music. His landmark 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly was a sonic achievement that brought jazz sounds back into the mainstream.

INFJ artists are visionaries who will do anything to achieve their creative ambitions.

INFJs are also naturally talented writers because of their strong imaginations and observation skills. Their perfectionist streak doesn’t hurt either! Kendrick has been hailed as a genius for his lyricism and wordplay.

In 2018, he became the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music. He has also won numerous other awards including 13 Grammys.

In the Myers-Briggs framework, this craft excellence, seriousness, and attention to detail corresponds with introverted thinking (Ti). This is the INFJ’s third function.

4. Bold Statements

Though Kendrick Lamar is mostly private and focused on his craft and personal relationships, he sometimes makes very bold statements. These include visual, artistic, and verbal statements.

As is typical of rap, his lyrics are peppered with this boldness.

He performed at the 2016 Grammy Awards wearing a blue prison jumpsuit, chains, and a made-up bruised eye. All for maximum visual effect.

In the Myers-Briggs framework, these strong statements correspond with extroverted sensation (Se). This is the INFJ’s fourth function. It isn’t as effective as the INFJ’s other functions. It mainly comes out under stress and can be very disruptive.

However, when INFJ artists like Kendrick learn how to use their Se, they become influential and unforgettable.

Gloves-Off Infj: Kendrick Lamar’S Back-To-Back Drake Diss Tracks

Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef
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When Kendrick Lamar is in full diss track mode, we see the menacing side of the INFJ.

It’s like they flip a switch and their ESTP shadow appears.

The ESTP Shadow Explained

Under stress, the INFJ deploys their fourth function, extroverted sensing (Se).

This fourth function makes the INFJ unusually okay with enacting violence or insults to get their message across.

Why does this happen?

Because an INFJ feels unable to communicate their message (Introverted Intuition) or reach a consensus with somebody else (Extroverted Feeling).

They still feel the need to get their message across by any means necessary. Sometimes, after a few subliminal jabs (Introverted Thinking), they allow their fourth and weakest function, extroverted sensing (Se) to go rogue.

Here’s what this looks like through Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks:

1. Extroverted Sensing (Se) Shadow

People who have extroverted sensing (Se) as one of their top two functions are gregarious, athletic, active, and capable. They seem to have unlimited reserves of physical energy.

Remember this is the INFJ’s weakest function. When they let it loose, they act impulsively and uncharacteristically. To the people around the INFJ, this function can feel like an uncontrollable avalanche.

Kendrick Lamar released two very detailed diss tracks within days of each other. This is definitely an avalanche. We also see this in the “back-to-back” nature of the diss tracks. “Back-to-back” means that Kendrick Lamar didn’t give Drake a chance to respond to the first diss track before releasing a second one.

The tracks are much longer than the average song as well! This adds to their hard hitting nature.

These tracks are also uncharacteristic because the general public is used to Kendrick keeping to himself. He doesn’t usually go out of his way to antagonize other artists.

Still, this is exciting for true hip hop fans who enjoy the time-honored tradition of rap beefs!

2. Introverted Thinking (Ti) Shadow

The rogue extroverted sensing (Se) is supported by their third function, extroverted Thinking (Ti), which makes the INFJ on a warpath very cutting and insulting.

People who have introverted thinking (Ti) as one of their top two functions tend to be at the top of their chosen fields. They are very good at what they do. Ti allows them to be logical. They work hard to thoroughly perfect their skill sets.

INFJs use Ti to constantly improve on their work. Because they care about other people, they want to give their clients or audience the best possible experience.

The diss track is an art form that Kendrick Lamar has completely mastered (Introverted Thinking). He does not master it primarily to share amazing work with his audience as he’s always done.

He does it to completely psychologically destroy Drake.

Kendrick Lamar is known for his intricate lyricism and wordplay. It’s interesting that in Drake’s previous diss track, he welcomes Kendrick’s then-hypothetical diss track by saying, “You better have motherf–g quintuple entendre on that sh-t.”

It’s almost like Kendrick Lamar accepted this challenge, because the diss track Euphoria is full of multiple-double entendres and Easter eggs. There’s something for you on the 1st listen as much as there is something for you on the 10th listen! It’s hard to overstate how emotionally devastating this can be for the person who is being targeted.

The diss tracks are full of different flows and rhythmic patterns as well. This is Kendrick’s hallmark style and points to how skilled he is.

3. Extroverted Feeling (Fe) Shadow

Remember the INFJ’s noble commitment to being seen so that they can spread their special message?

Well, that loving nature goes out the window when their ESTP shadow has been activated. The INFJ instead uses their social talents to isolate and intimidate their target.

Kendrick outright raps, “It’s always been about love and hate | Now, let me say that I’m the biggest hater | I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk | I hate the way that you dress |  I hate the way that you sneak-dissing | If I flight it’s gonna be direct.”

Shudder. Euphoria is 6 minutes and 23 seconds of pure hate.

In 6:16 in LA, the second diss track, Kendrick Lamar lets it slip that people from Drake’s personal team are loyal to him instead.

4. Introverted Intuition (Ni) Shadow

Once an INFJ decides that you are a rival who won’t yield, they will do everything in their power to destroy you. It’s frightening for everyone involved.

Many villains in history have been INFJs for their uncanny ability to mobilize people and resources to ruin a perceived enemy.

That’s why the diss tracks are so searing. Kendrick Lamar is able to focus everything he has at his disposal to torment Drake. That focus is characteristic of INFJs, but in this case it’s used to break a person down instead of build him up.

Wrapping Up

Kendrick Lamar & Drake Beef
image source

INFJs behave this way when they feel backed into a corner. They activate their ESTP shadow when they feel attacked and unprotected.

It’s important to note that regular ESTPs do not behave like this since they do not hold grudges like an INFJ. This is the ESTP shadow.

The aftermath of this shadow activation is deeply painful for all the parties involved, including the INFJ. It’s best for INFJs to find ways to do shadow work to feel emotionally safe and secure no matter what.

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