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ESFP Memes Featured

Being one of the most colorful and fun-loving types among the 16 personalities, ESFPs are expected to be the life of the party, always making others laugh and having a good time – hence being known as The Entertainer. A sense of humor, or a lack of it, can speak volumes about a person. You can tell a lot about someone’s perception of the world and people around them based on what makes them laugh and what jokes they typically make.

For this reason, we decided to address an ESFP’s sense of humor in this article, and offer you an insight into their fun side. Thus, here, you will find ESFP memes, jokes, and quotes that may paint a true picture of an ESFP, and the way they relate to other personality types.

ESFPs are amazing communicators due to their extraverted, sensing nature. They tend to make friends easily and are always in sync with their friends’ needs and feelings. Thus, they strive to fill the room with laughter, and light-hearted humor, which everyone will enjoy.

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If your ESFP friend notices that you are down, they will go above and beyond to make you laugh. This said they may even embarrass themselves only to see the smile on your face. As energetic and enthusiastic personality types, ESFPs like down-to-earth, slapstick humor, full of action and movement that incites an imminent reaction.

Keep on reading to find out more about typical ESFP humor and the quotes that best express their outlook on life.

ESFP Humor

Excited by any prospect of an energy-fueled activity, ESFPs like using slapstick humor to entertain their friends, often at their own expense. Exaggerated physical humor, involving tripping and falling, is something you can expect from a natural-born Entertainer.

Also, as a Perceptive personality, ESFP does not enjoy making jokes at other people’s expense. Being highly-sensitive themselves, they care about other people’s feelings, making sure that their humor is light-hearted and won’t hurt anybody. On the other hand, they will not mind if the joke is on them, as long as they are the focus, and everyone around them is having a great time. For the same reason, it is believed that ESFPs don’t enjoy sarcasm, and have no tendency of using it to entertain others. That said, The Entertainer’s humor can be assertive, vocal, and even perceived as aggressive at times. Even though they are warm and caring, ESFP personalities will not hesitate to challenge authority in their jokes.

However, this over-the-top vocality and assertiveness of ESFP humor may be an effective defensive mechanism that protects these highly-sensitive people from prying into their intimacy. Even though they share their feelings openly, ESFP people tend to avoid serious and deep conversations that may reveal their intimacy. For this reason, they use their physical, and often aggressive humor to protect their vulnerable inner being.

Some other personality types that share a similar sense of humor as ESFPs personalities are ENFP and ENTJ that both nurture assertive and enthusiastic humor based on acting and immense stage presence.

ESFP Jokes

Besides enjoying active and slapstick jokes, here are some other types of jokes ESFP personalities love to make:

  • They love to perform and entertain, so it is not surprising that ESFPs will make you laugh by intentionally changing song lyrics or offering a “drunken” performance of their favorite movie scene.
  • ESFP people enjoy inside jokes so much that they tend to over-share them sometimes, without really thinking about it. On the other hand, they tend to make inside jokes with people closest to their heart, knowing for sure they will not hurt anyone’s feelings. At the same time, they like to share a unique joke with their nearest and dearest.
  • When it comes to puns, ESFP personalities may love making these, provided their audience enjoys and understand them. However, if this is not the case, ESFPs as true people-pleasers will abandon this type of joke and do something else to entertain the crowd.
  • As we have already stated, ESFPs rely heavily on assertive and physical humor, so they will perform a practical joke on someone from time to time. However, they care immensely about other people’s feelings and will tend to keep these pranks light-hearted. As true Entertainers, ESFPs will not mind being pranked as long as this practical joke is making others laugh. On the other hand, they may get easily offended if they are a target of a mean or rude prank.
  • ESFPs are optimistic and enthusiastic types that steer clear from serious topics and tend to keep negativity out of their lives. Therefore, they may find dark humor overwhelming. As they tend to focus on positive and fun things, you will rarely hear an ESFP telling a dark joke.

Here are some examples of typical jokes, presented as memes, an ESFP personality may make:

ESFP Joke Example 1ESFP Joke Example 2

ESFP Memes

As people who live to have fun, ESFPs enjoy funny memes that have become an amazingly popular medium people use to express their humorous side on various topics. When it comes to making memes about ESFP personality type, people usually make fun of their need to be the center of attention. There are also numerous memes related to their absolute lack of focus as well as their optimistic and loving nature.

Although you can find various sites crammed with ESFP memes, we have decided to recommend the following


You would be surprised how many different videos about ESFP personality and their characteristics you may find on YouTube. We have decided to share with you the one that contains ESFP memes that perfectly describe this personality type.


Reddit is the social network made of communities people create based on their various interests. People can upload their memes or pictures and get rated by other Reddit users. We have found several communities gathering people that share funny ESFP memes and pictures that you may find interesting.


This is a place on the web where you can organize and share ideas and interests with other users by creating various boards. As people tend to show increased interest in the 16 personality types, it was not a demanding task to find different  Pinterest boards filled with ESFP memes and humor.

Here are some hilarious ESFP memes we have chosen to share with you:

ESFP Meme Example 5ESFP Meme Example 4








ESFP Meme Example 1ESFP Meme Example 3

ESFP Famous People and Fictional Characters’ Quotes

There is an array of ESFP famous people who have left significant marks in various walks of life. They have attracted attention not only by their stellar achievements, but also by their flamboyant lifestyles, and bold opinions. Here are some memorable quotes of ESFP famous people and fictional characters:

  • “Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses” – Elizabeth Taylor
  • “When you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”- Tony Robbins
  • “Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention.  But you have to get there”- Pink
  • “When you face a crisis, you know who your true friends are” – Erwin “Magic” Johnson
  • “ I don’t want to be in a battle. But, waiting on the edge of one I can’t escape is even worse” – Peregrin “Pippin” Took “The Lord of the Rings”
  • “ Some people struggle not to be drawn into the darkness. But, ever since I was a little girl I’ve said… “Why not splash in and have fun ?”- Cruella De Vil “Once Upon a Time”
  • “A wedding without a trampoline, that’s crazy talk”- Michael Kelso “That ‘70s Show”