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Best (and Worst) ENTJ Careers

ENTJ Career Featured

Objective, analytical and confident. These are some of the most common qualities that ENTJs express both in their personal life and in the workplace. If you rely heavily on communication, get excited by theoretical methodology, and plan your projects way ahead, then you’re probably an ENTJ.

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When it comes to work, every personality type has its own aspirations, motivations, and unique preferences. Some people like to get the job done on their own, while others are good at teamwork. Some are abstract in their thinking, while others are logical and pragmatic.

If you’re not familiar with the 16 personality types formula, you’re probably wondering what ENTJ stands for. ENTJs are Extroverted (E), Intuitive (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J). This is a way of categorizing people’s natural tendencies and characteristics. For instance, due to their Intuition preference, ENTJs are drawn to occupations that allow them to embrace future opportunities.

Therefore, by analyzing and examining the ENTJs’ personality traits,‌ cognitive ‌functions, ‌and characteristics, it’s possible to determine what jobs would best fit their personality type. So what is the most satisfying job that this realistic and ambitious type can follow? And are there any particular careers that ENTJs must avoid? What college majors should they choose to kick-start their professional life?

If you’re an ENTJ (also known as The General), or if you’re just trying to understand this direct and restless type, keep reading. In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

ENTJs at Work

ENTJs are extroverted, reliable, and self-directed people. They get motivated by challenges and they feel the need to constantly improve themselves and their surroundings. ENTJs are the people in any social circle who will be voted “Most likely to succeed… or become a workaholic trying.” But they’re effective in their work and like to get things done.

As extroverts, ENTJs prefer careers where the environment and culture give them the chance to discuss their ideas as a way of thinking through them. Communication is key to their performance. ENTJs prefer to work with and meet a variety of people, rather than working alone.

That’s partially the reason why they make great leaders. Authority comes naturally to them, and they have even been referred to as the ‘CEO type.’ ENTJs tend to follow careers where their work allows them to use their natural ability to provide others with direction and supervision. However, their leadership style isn’t traditional. They are flexible managers and allow their employees to be self-directed. Nevertheless, ENTJs also appreciate a structured and disciplined environment, so being on time and following procedure is important to them.

ENTJs are also great multitaskers. They have the ability to manage and direct several projects at the same time while delivering effective results regardless of the situation. They want the work to move at a rapid and exciting pace. They want to have a job that’s action-oriented and provides for a wide variety of activities, rather than one that keeps them highly focused on a few tasks.

ENTJ Career Matches

ENTJs are highly ambitious. If they make it their mission to become good at something, they won’t stop until they feel they’ve achieved a level of success they’re happy with. Although they feel the most comfortable in professions that involve business, management, and entrepreneurship, they can be good at basically anything. That’s why there’s a wide variety of careers that an ENTJ can follow and still feel satisfied with their job. If they’re given the chance to demonstrate their competency and the freedom to make their own decisions, they can function well in any field. Nevertheless, some things come more naturally than others to this pragmatic and logical type. Let’s take a look at some of the best careers that an ENTJ person can follow.

1. Politician

Politicians need to have excellent communication skills and be both personable and persuasive. They need to be able to handle the spotlight even when things get tough. Great politicians are exceptional leaders and, most importantly, inspire people. Politicians should be great public speakers and they must be confident in their verbal expression. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect job for an ENTJ, then what does?

ENTJs are able to see the bigger picture and are great at handling stressful situations. In fact, it excites them. Although they like to follow a strict schedule and know exactly what their next step is, they don’t mind some action every now and then. We all know that being involved in politics isn’t for everyone. But it sure sounds like a great profession for an ENTJ.

2. Entrepreneur/Business Owner

As we already mentioned several times, ENTJs are natural leaders. They’re efficient and organized and direct their energy toward completing goals. ENTJs are also fantastic entrepreneurs. They’re logical and like things to be straightforward, but are also great at being creative. ENTJs are intelligent individuals and often come up with unique ideas for a business. Unlike other people, ENTJs are not only great at generating ideas but they’re also good at executing them. Take this quality and combine it with their excellent leadership skills, and you have a recipe for a successful business owner.

But ENTJs are still people and, as much as they make great leaders, they still have some negative qualities. For instance, they can sometimes be arrogant and insensitive toward their employees if things aren’t going as planned. ENTJs care about their business too much and sometimes disregard the fact that their employees are real people who make mistakes. ENTJs often get caught up in the process and push important people away. Nevertheless, they still have the ability to look at things objectively and they’re not afraid to admit their mistakes. So even if they get off the rails, they can be persuaded to get back on track in no time.

In any case, ENTJs make some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and business owners. For instance, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Napoleon Bonaparte all fall within this category. Check out our article if you want to explore some more famous ENTJs.

3. Salesperson

Being a successful salesperson means that you should be good at interacting with people. But great communication skills aren’t always enough – you also have to be genuine, and genuinely enjoy talking to different people all the time. As extroverts, ENTJs feel satisfied when their work involves constant conversation. But it’s important for them to do more than mechanically interact with others like for instance working at a call center. Having a job in sales requires building relationships with clients and developing trust. That’s why ENTJs make great salespeople. Their passion and enthusiasm attract people and help to build trust.

4. Project Management

I know what you’re thinking – another management position that fits the ENTJ type. But at this point, you should have figured out that this is what they’re good at. ENTJs know how to get everyone on the same page. They are also fantastic motivators. But project management isn’t just about talking to people. It requires making up and sticking to strict schedules.

This is where ENTJs shine. They’re able to manage workflows against budgetary and other constraints, and do everything by the book. Additionally, they’re also great at conducting meetings and making sure that everyone’s on the same page. And what more do you need from a project manager? As soon as they have the vision for it, ENTJs are quick to unlock their desire to command and will find success in their endeavors.

5. Auditor

ENTJs are more analytical than many other types. They feel their best when their work allows them to use their natural ability to analyze and make objective, logical decisions. Completing an auditing project requires intense focus, and ENTJs don’t get distracted easily. However, there’s a downside to it. Auditors often spend a lot of time working on their own. And as you might have already learned, ENTJs prefer to interact with people all the time. Nevertheless, auditing also involves working with theories, complicated documentation, and direct guides. Also, most auditors have the freedom to make up their own schedule, which is something that the free-spirited ENTJs enjoy. Therefore, it all depends on if they’re ready to sacrifice some of their preferences in order to gain some other benefits.

6. Lawyer

Being a lawyer isn’t easy. For some people, it actually seems impossible. But ENTJs can make excellent lawyers. They’re charismatic, outgoing, and argumentative, which are all qualities that lawyers should possess in order to be successful. ENTJs like to take on more challenging positions and are capable of handling stress. Even when they’re not in court fighting for what they believe in, they’re still able to perform well. ENTJs comprehend information easily and remember facts fairly well. They enjoy analyzing that information to uncover the most logical approach to solving the case.

ENTJs like a dynamic working environment and challenge their minds constantly. They feel most comfortable in jobs where they feel like they’re accomplishing something impressive. And what better way to do that than to become a lawyer. Whether it’s corporate or criminal law, ENTJs would feel satisfied with their job as long as the position allows them to overcome challenges.

7. Engineer

Engineering involves the application of theoretical knowledge to develop new products. In many cases, engineers play an essential role in a business, as their skillset helps them to create quality products. Engineering is a great career choice for ENTJs since this type performs best when they know that their actions are having a useful impact. Engineers should be responsible and structured on one hand, but on the other are also often provided with creative freedom. This is something that the freedom-loving and sometimes-stubborn ENTJs appreciate.

However, while there are several engineering fields, only a couple perfectly fit the ENTJ personality type.

One of them is civil engineering, where the position includes planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings and infrastructure. ENTJs flourish in fields where they need to develop larger plans. Also, the leadership qualities that ENTJs possess allow them to be great civil engineers. The same goes for mechanical engineering, where one should build and test mechanical devices and systems. ENTJs love to see the tangible result of their actions. They don’t necessarily enjoy working with their hands but they’re great at managing teams that help them to execute their vision. More than anything else, that may be the reason so many ENTJs look for jobs in engineering.

8. Naval Architect

Naval architects design and produce sea-worthy surfaces and underwater vessels. Since they work with ships, vessels, yachts, and submarines, specific technical and theoretical knowledge is required. This engineering-related profession is ultra-specific, and generally involves working with governmental departments. So why does it fit the ENTJ personality type so well? Well, for starters, ENTJs love to unravel complex systems and enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems. They want their job to have a great impact and prefer professions where they need to think logically, relying on specific information.

ENTJs naturally see opportunities to improve systems and the marine engineering industry is constantly evolving. If they genuinely enjoy working as a naval architect, ENTJs are likely to pursue a path to project management or leadership positions. They want to lead teams to carry out their vision, following the ever-growing marine machinery field.

Now that we have explored some ENTJ career matches in-depth, here are some honorable mentions.

  • Budget Analyst
  • Claims Adjuster, Appraiser, Examiner, or Investigator
  • Cost Estimator
  • Financial Analyst, Examiner, or Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Logistician
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Tax Examiner, Collector, or Revenue Agent
  • Research Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Top Executive
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Architect
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Drafter
  • Electrical or Electronics Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Health and Safety Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Marine Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Mining or Geological Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Life, Physical, and Social Scientist
  • Anthropologist or Archaeologist
  • Chemist
  • Economist
  • Environmental Scientist or Specialist
  • Geographer
  • Medical Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Physicist or Astronomer
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Urban or Regional Planner
  • Zoologist

ENTJ Careers to Avoid

Although ENTJs are masters of their own universe and are unstoppable if they put their minds to something, there are some jobs that don’t fit them as well as others. It’s not a matter of if they’ll do a good job (because they will). The question is if they will be satisfied with their job. It’s important for ENTJs to believe in what they’re doing for a living. They like to be part of something bigger and, if they feel their job lacks meaning or purpose, they will probably end up hating it. If they feel replaceable at work they will be quick to give their notice. Let’s take a look at some jobs that ENTJs must avoid in order to feel satisfied with their career.

1. Receptionist

Being a receptionist is a rather mechanical job. It doesn’t require a complex set of skills and most of the time training is no more than a couple of weeks. Some people might feel comfortable with this job, especially if they don’t need a purpose to be satisfied. However, that’s definitely not the case with ENTJs. Although being a receptionist requires planning and loads of communication, this job wouldn’t fit the ENTJ. The General enjoys the challenge of solving difficult problems and understanding complex systems. As a receptionist, they wouldn’t be able to do that. Greeting visitors and delivering customer service assistance isn’t what they stand for.

2. Fashion Designer

In order to be a fashion designer, one must be creative, abstract, and artistic. Fashion designers are mostly crafty and enjoy working with their hands. Being rational and logically driven in nature ENTJs are unlikely to feel happy with a career in fashion design. A successful fashion designer should have an excellent business sense, good communication skills, and a competitive spirit – which are all ENTJ traits, and why some female ENTJs choose this career path. Being their own boss and having the freedom to project their vision on something tangible are things that this pragmatic type appreciates. However, ENTJs aren’t the type to care about appearance. They rarely pay attention to aesthetics and dislike the posh culture. If you’re an ENTJ and are considering following a fashion design career you should carefully consider all the disadvantages of it.

3. Data Entry

Data entry jobs include entering customer or account data, sorting information, and reviewing data errors. From everything that you have heard about ENTJs so far you can imagine why this type of job isn’t suitable for them. The inability to impose their own structure and the time frame they must follow leads to frustration and job dissatisfaction. If The General is required to maintain a role under someone else’s authority without a clear path to a management role, they would struggle to keep the job.

4. Factory Worker

Factory workers are responsible for processing, sorting, and packaging products as well as operating machinery. This type of job includes repetitive manual tasks and doesn’t allow employees to think strategically or to express creativity. Working all day in a similar position isn’t the best choice for ENTJs. The inability to influence other people or the process itself will leave the ENTJs unsatisfied.

5. Psychologist

ENTJs value opportunities that allow them to develop large-scale solutions. That’s why working as a psychologist isn’t the best option for them, as they don’t like to work one-on-one with individuals as much. Jobs like counseling and personal psychology, where a close inspection of the individual’s mind is required, doesn’t seem like the best option for ENTJs. Frankly, they just don’t care that much for individual people. ENTJs like their actions to have a greater impact.

Nevertheless, there are numerous disciplines in the field of psychology, and many don’t include fixing people’s personal problems. Fields such as experimental psychology could fit the pragmatic and logical ENTJ. After all, they like analyzing processes, and this kind of research has a great impact on the human population. Another discipline within psychology that ENTJs could feel comfortable in is forensic psychology. Professionals in that fieldwork in the intersection of the legal system and their research helps to guide legal procedures. If they’re given the freedom to conduct their research on their own terms ENTJs could influence the industry greatly.

6. Restaurant Host

Restaurant hosts greet customers and take them to their reservations. They may also handle phone calls and assist the restaurant staff if necessary. Some people could feel comfortable in such a position as it’s normally not as stressful as other hospitality jobs. But that’s not the case with ENTJs. ENTJs like to use their set of unique skills for a greater cause. If they’re not able to express their leadership qualities they could get frustrated at the job. Restaurant hosts should have a genuinely positive attitude toward customers, as it’s transparent when forced. ENTJs aren’t the best at hiding their thoughts and opinions so if they find themselves dissatisfied with their job it could cause issues.

Nevertheless, not everybody is able to jump on their dream job straight away. Sometimes people take on temporary jobs especially when they’re in college or in the beginning of their career. So if an ENTJ believes that a job as a restaurant host is a means to an end, helping them to achieve their greater goals, they might settle into it and do it properly. However, they must remind themselves that sometimes they’re not the ones to lead the parade, and they should reconcile themselves with their job even when they don’t feel like doing it.

7. Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist serves customers by providing various beauty services such as hair styling, manicures, and facial treatments. People feel drawn to that profession because they have a natural passion for style, make-up, and hair. Some enjoy working with their hands and essentially think it’s fun to help people look good. ENTJs are not one of those people.

ENTJs rarely care about how they look or how they’re perceived by others. And they definitely couldn’t care less about other people’s appearance. They have a developed sense of individuality and most ENTJs do have their own unique style that they like to stick to. But it’s also mostly plain and simple so, when it comes to beauty regimens, they like to keep it to a minimum. This being said, can you imagine them working every day at a beauty salon? Didn’t think so.

8. Teacher’s Aide

Teachers’ aides support classroom teachers by assisting with instruction and clerical tasks. Their responsibilities include working with struggling students, preparing materials and equipment, and discussing students’ progress with their teacher. Being an assistant to anyone is outside of the ENTJ comfort zone. Especially if that means they have no power over the study process.

ENTJs easily spot issues and are quick to make up plans for optimizing processes. They can also be quite impatient with people who don’t always give 100%. That’s why working with struggling students or individuals that refuse to follow the set rules can irritate ENTJs. The teacher’s aide must be caring and should see past the surface. But all ENTJs see is undedicated laziness. You can see how that would complicate things.

Here are some more jobs that ENTJs might consider avoiding:

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Dental Assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Food Preparation Worker
  • Child Care Provider
  • Craft Artist
  • Bill Collector
  • Medical Assistant

ENTJ College Majors

ENTJs are bold, intelligent, and hard-working individuals. They’re also extremely ambitious and are the type that’s most likely to graduate from college. The General takes their work seriously and most of the time prefers work over play. ENTJs should take into consideration their strengths and interests and they should choose a major that fits their type.

The obvious choice for them is to go for leadership majors such as management and business. However, their options aren’t limited to that. Although all ENTJs share the same set of preferences and characteristics, people are different as each individual has their own interests and passions. That’s why there’s a wide variety of majors that ENTJs can choose from. The most important aspect is to find value and see perspective in what they’re doing.

That being said, let’s take a look at some college majors that would fit the ENTJ personality type:

  • Business
  • Construction Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Anthropology
  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Information Technology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Construction Management
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Economics (Business)
  • Education (Secondary)
  • Finance
  • Food Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies
  • Marketing
  • Political Science
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medical
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Theatre