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Enneagram 9 Wing 1: Mixing Peacemaker With Perfectionist

An enneagram, on which the Enneagram Personality Model was designed, is a nine-sided circular figure where Enneagram types are represented as numbers at each of the nine points of the model. Through an Enneagram test, it is revealed which of the nine personalities is dominant in a subject.

This might imply that all humankind fits into one of these personality ‘boxes’; however, it’s not that simple. The polygon-shaped Enneagram demonstrates that many personalities are interconnected.

The two neighbors connected to each Enneagram type are called ‘wings’, though one will have more impact on the personality. In the example of Enneagram 9 wing 1, Nine is the dominant Enneagram type, and One is the dominant wing.

The following article will look closely at Enneagram Type Nine Wing One, their personality, fear, desires, and more. Let’s begin.

What does 9w1 mean?

In Enneagram types, 9w1 means that the dominant type is Nine. The ‘w’ stands for ‘wing’, and One is the dominant wing. Wings are those personality types on either side of the dominant type, and they influence the overall personality of the dominant Enneagram type. The dominant wing, however, has a more significant impact.

Enneagram 9 Wings - 9w1 9w8

Key Characteristics

With 9w1, most attributes of Nines will be present, as well as some traits of Ones.

Personality Traits

  • The compromising side of Nines in 9w1 Enneagram types will probably dampen the need for Ones to be right.
  • Nines and Ones tend to stick to what they know, rather than expose themselves to new concepts or ideas.
  • Neither Ones nor Nines seek self-gratification or excitement.

Listed below are some of the key characteristics of 9w1 Enneagram types.

Primary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 9)

  • Can remain calm during emergencies and conflicts.
  • Nonjudgmental.
  • Respectful of others’ beliefs and traditions.
  • Don’t strive for independence.
  • Non-assertive.
  • Concerned for the welfare of others.
  • Not particularly driven by achievements.

Secondary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 1)

  • Conscientious.
  • Virtuous.
  • Motivated.
  • Not overly ambitious.
  • Critical of self.
  • Restrained.


Unlike many other personality models, Enneagram typing explores the emotions that drive or motivate people. In 9w1 Enneagram types, these would incorporate the fears and desires of both Nine and One:


9w1 Enneagram types would lean toward the worries that affect Nines, being:

  • Rejection.
  • Losing those they care for.
  • Losing themselves to the needs of others.
  • Feeling as if they have no value.

9w1 Enneagram types would be less affected by the concerns of Ones, namely:

  • Feeling as if others are judging them.
  • Feeling as if they’re not adhering to their principles.

As a whole:

  • This possibly means 9w1 Enneagrams will fear that those close to them will reject them, judging them to no longer maintain their principles of having value.


9w1 Enneagram types would face the hopes of Nines, being:

  • Peace within and without themselves.

9w1 Enneagram types may have a diminished amount of the needs of Ones:

  • Morality in themselves and others.

As a whole, 9w1 Enneagrams would likely desire a sense of calm justice in their world.


Enneagram 9 wing 1 has many strengths. Here are just a few:

  • Nines are slow to react in anger, and Nines tend to be courteous, even during conflicts.
  • With the compassion and organization skills of Nines, as well as the need to ‘fix’ the world of Ones, 9w1 Enneagrams could put together amazing projects with the aid of those less fortunate.


Some weaknesses Enneagram 9 wing 1 could work on:

  • Nines tend to lose their identity to maintain peace, and this will probably be true for 9w1 Enneagrams.
  • With the tendency of Nines to doubt themselves and of Ones to continuously strive for perfection, 9w1 Enneagrams may never feel quite satisfied with their achievements.

Direction of Growth and Stress

Direction of Stress and Growth for Enneagram Type 9 and Type 1

Growth (integration) and Stress (disintegration) lines are the arrows shown in the Enneagram Personality Model—directed from and toward alternative personality types. In Enneagram 9 wing 1, the traits of both Nines and Ones will influence the direction of growth and stress. Therefore, in growth (integration), the best characteristics of Threes and Sevens will be present, and during times of stress (disintegration), the worst aspects of Sixes and Fours will come through.

Growth Arrow to Three and Seven

While the Nine growth arrow (Three) will take precedence, some of the One growth (Seven) traits will possibly emerge.

In growth, 9w1 Enneagram types will show the positive aspects of:

Three (Nine integration):

  • They could become engaged and committed.
  • They’re likely to show genuine and warm affection.

Seven (One integration):

  • They can become kind, charming, and self-controlled.

Stress Arrow to Six and Four

The stress arrow of Nines (Sixes) will take the primary focus. However, some aspects of the stress response in Ones (Four) will emerge.

In stress, 9w1 Enneagram types will exhibit the negative qualities of:

Six (Nine disintegration):

  • They may become overly emotional and chaotic.
  • They could feel overwhelmed with fatigue and as if they have no support.

Four (One disintegration): 

  • They could either shut out the world or over-share their anguishes.
  • They may feel unloved, unlovable, and worthless.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 9w1s

Since no individual goes through life on a plateau, it’s understandable that within a personality type, people moderately change when things are going well, and, likewise, when things turn unfavorable. This is, in Enneagram Personality types, referred to as healthy and unhealthy states.

A Healthy 9w1 Enneagram type

  • Great at listening and negotiating without judgment, 9w1 Enneagrams will probably commit themselves to resolve conflicts. They’ll likely excel at innovatively and calmly solving issues in a logical and precise manner.

An Average 9w1 Enneagram type

  • Since both Nines and Ones thrive on clear outlines, this would be an attribute common to 9w1 Enneagrams too.
  • While Nines may procrastinate due to self-doubt in their abilities, Ones might do this because they’re incapable of stopping or taking shortcuts until they’re happy that the result is perfect—to their high standards.

An Unhealthy 9w1 Enneagram type

  • When their peace gets shattered, or they fail in a project, 9w1 Enneagrams will probably become increasingly self-critical. They may withdraw emotionally and grow angry and anxious.
  • If 9w1 Enneagrams don’t meet their high standards, they may fall into a downward cycle of self-reproach.

Growth Recommendations

Here’s how Enneagram 9w1s can become a better version of themselves:

  • Keep your critical tendencies at bay. Even though Nines are peacemakers, Ones need to correct the errors of others, whether morally or otherwise, may come through. This may come across as confrontational and not in the helpful way it’s intended. Allow your Nine, conflict-averse side, to help you express your opinions more subtly.
  • Let your conflict resolution skills and explicit moral values work together. While, as a peacekeeper, you form no judgments, the firm moral values of Ones might see you assessing the conflict more critically and thereby mediating in favor of the more just situation or party, as opposed to remaining unbiased.
  • A blending of personalities can be amazing. Nines have the tendency to lose their own identity in order to maintain peace. Ones see all the wrongs in the world and feel the need to correct them. The resulting 9w1 Enneagrams might see the problems and work on resolving them in a non-critical manner.

Famous people who are Type 9w1

Noteworthy 9w1 Enneagram people:

  • Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.
  • Luna Lovegood, Character from Harry Potter.
  • The Prophet Muhammad, Founder of Islam.
  • Audrey Hepburn, American actress from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Enneagram 9w1 vs 9w8

Key similarities

Since Eights and Ones are vastly different, 9w1 Enneagrams and 9w8 Enneagrams could share a few traits, such as:

  • Openness to experience.
    • 9w1 Enneagrams will probably be particularly stuck in their ways, since this is very prevalent in Nines, while Ones show a slight leaning in this direction.
    • 9w8 Enneagrams will also likely inherit Nines’ aversion to new experiences, though to a lesser extent than 9w1 Enneagrams.
  • Achievement—both Ones and Eights are natural leaders.
    • 9w1 Enneagrams may often be put in charge of leading projects. With their negotiating skills and demands for perfection, they’ll likely have their team following with not much complaining.
    • 9w8 Enneagrams will commonly be found in management roles. This is due to their ability to mediate and orchestrate favorable outcomes, as well as their protective nature of those in their care.

Key differences

The differences noted between 9w1 Enneagram and 9w8 Enneagram will arise from the varied personalities of Ones and Eights.

  • Highly conscientious Ones may rub off in 9w1 Enneagrams. However, neither Eights nor Nines are particularly diligent or hard-working. It, therefore, stands to reason the 9w8 Enneagrams would follow suit.
  • Because of the abundance of self-confidence in Eights, 9w8 Enneagrams would likely show less self-doubt and insecurities than 9w1 Enneagrams.
  • Eights score extremely well in preserving the welfare of those within their circle, and this will possibly come through in 9w8 Enneagrams.
  • Because of the moral standing of Ones, 9w1 Enneagrams will probably avoid going against social expectations.


An Enneagram 9 wing 1 could show some extraordinary qualities. With the compassion of Nines and the need of Ones to right the wrongs of the world, 9w1 Enneagrams may show great care toward the less fortunate.

With the conscientiousness of Ones and the desire for peace of Nines, 9w1 Enneagrams could be the type to put their head down and get the job done without worrying too much about what others are doing.

However, 9w1 Enneagrams could procrastinate, due to the self-doubt of Nines and the need of Ones to present perfect results.

Growth is a large part of the Enneagram Personality Model, and learning to embrace both wings is believed to aid in personal development.

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