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Enneagram 4 Wing 5: Mixing Individualist With Investigator

The Enneagram Personality model has long been used for personality testing.  It was developed with the use of an enneagram—a nine-sided circular figure. It’s nine points represent each of the nine Enneagram Personalities. Testing identifies an individual’s dominant Enneagram type.

However, the Enneagram Personality model does not slot every individual into one out of only nine personalities. The design allows for the interlinking of certain Enneagram types.

The first of these links are wings—the personalities to either side of the dominant Enneagram type. Each will influence the dominant type; however, the dominant wing will supersede the other in terms of the characteristics most notable in the dominant Enneagram type.

In the following article, we’ll specifically focus on Enneagram Type Four with a Five-Wing. We’ll talk about the key characteristics, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and more. Let’s begin.

What does 4w5 mean?

Enneagram testing identifies the dominant Enneagram type and the dominant wing of an individual. The wings are the Enneagram types to either side of the dominant Enneagram type. With 4w5 Enneagrams, the dominant type would be the first number – Four; the ‘w’ abbreviates the word, ‘wing’; and the dominant wing would be the second number – Five. While both wings may have some impact on the personality, the dominant wing takes precedence.

Enneagram 4 Wings - 4w3 4w5

Key Characteristics

Enneagram 4 wing 5’s will assume most of the attributes common to Four. However, in addition, facets of Five will surface.

Personality Traits

  • 4w5 Enneagram are uniquely creative and capable of solving complex problems in prototypical ways.
  • Even with a creatively inspiring solution right in front of them, they may continue investigating.
  • They will possibly struggle when engaging with others since both Fours and Fives are introverted. Fives are especially private and keep things close to their chests.

Primary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 4)

  • Unconventional
  • Withdrawn
  • Can become depressed
  • Emotionally expressive
  • Fantasize about their idealized world
  • Mysterious
  • Can be seen as aloof
  • Value elegance and beauty

Secondary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 5)

  • Private
  • Intellectual
  • Inquiring
  • Kind
  • Committed
  • Composed
  • Introspective
  • Like predictability
  • Dislike interruptions


Unlike many other personality models, Enneagram typing explores the emotions that drive or motivate people. In 4w5 Enneagram types, these would incorporate the fears and desires of both Four and Five:


4w5 Enneagram types would lean toward the worries that affect Fours, being:

  • Losing their identity
  • Feeling irrelevant

4w5 Enneagram types would be less affected by the concerns of Fives, namely:

  • A lack of knowledge or ability
  • Incompetence

In combination, 4w5 Enneagrams may desire to feel their contribution is unique, and they’re accepted as competent individuals. They may fear becoming one of many in their concepts and knowledge.


4w5 Enneagram types would face the hopes of Fours, being:

  • List 1-3.

4w5 Enneagram types may have a diminished amount of the needs of Fives:

  • List 1-3.


Enneagram 4 wing 5 has many strengths. Here are just a few:

  • Innovative
  • Intuitive
  • Curious
  • Independent
  • Intellectual
  • Expressive
  • Gentle


Some weaknesses Enneagram 4 wing 5 has to work on are:

  • Even with a creatively inspiring solution, they may continue investigating.
  • Often struggle when engaging with others.

Direction of Growth and Stress

Direction of Stress and Growth for Enneagram Type 4 and Type 5

When in periods of personal development, people may take on the best traits of their integration type. And during stressful times, they may lean toward the worst aspects of their disintegration type. These are the direction of growth and stress as depicted on the Enneagram model. Both the dominant Enneagram type and the dominant wing affect the overall personality. This means a 4w5 Enneagram wouldn’t be identical to a natural Four or 4w3 Enneagram.

Growth Arrow to One and Eight

While the Four growth arrow (One) will take precedence, some of the Five growth (Eight) traits will probably emerge.

In growth, 4w5 Enneagram types will show the positive aspects of:

One (Four integration):

  • Can be charming and self-motivated
  • Able to turn their innovations and ideas into reality
  • Honest and principled
  • Methodical
  • Just.
  • Idealistic
  • Peaceful

Eight (Five integration):

  • Become confident and extroverted
  • Easily manage problematic situations
  • Become warm-hearted and benevolent
  • Excellent and protective leaders
  • Determined and hardworking

Stress Arrow to Two and Seven

While Four stress arrow (Two) will take precedence, it’s likely that some of the Five’ stress (Seven) traits will emerge.

In stress, 4w5 Enneagram types will exhibit the negative qualities of:

Two (Four disintegration):

  • Could develop an air of self-importance or fake humility
  • Might manipulate others into giving them what they desire, or maneuver situations to their favor
  • May seek apologies or turn vindictive
  • Could harbor resentments

Seven (Five disintegration):

  • Might resort to taking the easy way out
  • Can be scattered and become irresponsible
  • Could be insensitive
  • May dislike being restricted
  • Would probably seek distractions
  • Could overindulge

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 4w5s

Life has an uncanny way of throwing curveballs, and with these trying times comes the associated stress. Conversely, when things are on the up, emotions may soar. In these periods, Enneagrams are considered healthy or unhealthy.

A Healthy 4w5 Enneagram type

  • A healthy 4w5 Enneagrams are in an emotional and mental state where their knowledge and creative skills could lead them to achieve innovative or artistic success.
  • They could open themselves up, feel and experience life as an integral part of society.
  • They may develop a clear image of where they want to be and, with logic and ability, set out to achieve it.

An Average 4w5 Enneagram type

  • On average, 4w5 Enneagrams are intuitive and innovative.
  • Passionate dreamers, they may feel inadequate if they don’t get to express themselves.
  • Although they may be proud of the fact that they’re unique, they’ll possibly dislike the sense that they don’t belong.
  • With a strong Five wing, they’ll probably be intellectual, perceptive, and curious about the unusual or arcane.

An Unhealthy 4w5 Enneagram type

  • An unhealthy state may arise in 4w5 Enneagrams if they feel unworthy or incapable. They may become envious or dissolute if others find a better solution to a problem they’ve been working on.
  • In this state, they will probably withhold any knowledge, energy, understanding, or ideas they gain.
  • They could become extravagant or emotionally dependent on others.

Growth Recommendations

Here’s how Enneagram 4w5s can become a better version of themselves:

  • Develop your Three wing. With your three wing, you may be less inclined to keep your knowledge, gleaned from your Five wing, tucked safely in your imagination. By presenting your ideas, you can discover that the world craves your unique talents.
  • Embrace the Five in you. With your dominant wing in Five, you will probably feel less sensitive about the sentiments of others. You could find you’re less prone to depression and envy. And you may be content with a less elaborate lifestyle. You could experience fewer of those tugging emotions that inhibit your sense of peace.

Famous people who are Type 4w5

Noteworthy 9w1 Enneagram people:

  • J. K. Rowling, British novelist
  • Vincent van Gogh, Dutch artist
  • Kurt Cobain, American songwriter, and singer
  • Johnny Depp, American producer, musician, and actor

Enneagram 4w5 vs 4w3

Key similarities

The similarities between 4w5 Enneagram and 4w3 Enneagram may be found in their common connection.

Both 4w5 Enneagram and 4w5 Enneagram will probably be:

  • Route to love.
    • 4w5 may expect to be loved through their profound knowledge and competence.
    • 4we Enneagrams may believe their achievements will afford them the love of others.
  • Conscientious—although this trait is common to Threes and Fives (more so in Fives), Fours are not known to be particularly diligent. Still, the combination of both wings will probably find them working harder.
    • 4w5 Enneagrams, while hard-working, prefer working alone, on intellectually stimulating projects, and without time constraints.
    • 4w3 Enneagrams are driven individuals with a desire to succeed. This can even turn them into workaholics.

Key differences

The differences noted between 4w5 Enneagram and 4w3 Enneagram will arise from the varied personalities of Fives and Threes.

  • Since both Fours and Fives lean toward being more introverted, it stands to reason that 4w5 Enneagrams would be equally withdrawn. Whereas, even in 4w3 Enneagrams who don’t have a very dominant Three wing, the level of sociability would be higher.
  • While Threes are driven to achieve, Fives are happy with acquiring knowledge for themselves. This could see 4w3 Enneagrams who seek to achieve success more than their 4w5 counterparts.


An Enneagram 4 wing 5 is different from an Enneagram 5 wing 4 in that the former will demonstrate characteristics, predominantly present in Fours. Whereas the latter will assume most traits that belong to Fives. Their wings will, however, add aspects to the personality, though the total effect will vary in intensity.

4w5 Enneagrams might be introspective, innovative, and sensitive. They may retreat into a fantastical utopia within their minds and could come across as broody and detached. Although they may have a keen interest in knowledge of the absurd kind, they’ll probably keep their findings to themselves, unless they gain enough confidence to present it to the world.

The Enneagram model encourages personal growth, and one way to do this is to allow both wings to influence the personality. In this way, individuals may become the best version of themselves. The influence of Three on Enneagram 4 wing 5 may help the individual gain the confidence they need.

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