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Enneagram 4 Wing 3: Mixing Individualist With Achiever

The Enneagram, a nine-sided circular diagram, forms the platform for the Enneagram Personality model. During testing, one of nine Enneagram types will surface as the dominant Enneagram type for each individual. Personalities link to certain others, either through their wings or through their integration (growth) and disintegration (stress) lines.

Wings are those personality types to either side of the dominant personality. Both wings will have some influence over the character, however, the dominant wing will have a larger impact. In the case of Enneagram 4 wing 3, Four is the dominant type, and Three is the dominant wing.

In the following article, we’ll examine Enneagram Type Fours with a Three-wing, their motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and more. Let’s begin.

What does 4w3 mean?

Enneagram 4 wing 3 are otherwise 4w3 Enneagrams or Enneagram 4w3s. The ‘w’ abbreviates the word ‘wing’; the first number is that of the dominant Enneagram type, in this case, Four; and the second number references the dominant wing, which is Three. Wings are those types to either side of the dominant. While they both impact the overall personality, the dominant wing will be stronger.

Enneagram 4 Wings - 4w3 4w5

Key Characteristics

Enneagram 4 wing 3’s will inherit most attributes common to Fours. However, many aspects of the personality of Threes will arise.

Personality Traits

  • It’s possible that, with the potency of Fours in this personality type, 4w3 Enneagrams may strive to succeed in innovative or artistic ventures.
  • The mutual appreciation of Fours and Threes for beauty will probably be present in 4w3 Enneagrams.
  • Enneagram 4 wing 3 characteristics include their ability to solve problems in ingenious ways.
  • 4w3 Enneagram types may be inclined to dream of great success due to the powerful presence of the creativity and innovation of Fours, as well as the ambition and drive to succeed of Threes.

Primary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 4)

  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Introverted
  • Sensitive
  • Sometimes downcast
  • Occasionally self-absorbed or self-pitying
  • May escape into fantasies
  • Can seem aloof and mysterious
  • Sophisticated

Secondary Personality Traits (Enneagram type 3)

  • Competitive
  • Driven to achieve
  • Motivated
  • Energetic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Organized and able to run many projects simultaneously
  • Enjoy being seen as successful
  • Materialistic and image-conscious


Unlike many other personality models, Enneagram typing explores the emotions that drive or motivate people. In 4w3 Enneagram types, these would incorporate the fears and desires of both Four and Three:


4w3 Enneagram types would lean toward the worries that affect Fours, being:

  • The primary fear of Fours is that they may lose their unique identity and any significance they might have.

4w3 Enneagram types would be less affected by the concerns of Threes, namely:

  • Threes may suffer from a fear of being seen to have no value, and because of this, they fear failure.

Enneagram 4 wing 3 could, when combining their dominant type and dominant wing, fear losing their unique identity through failure and therefore having no value.


4w3 Enneagram types would face the hopes of Fours, being:

  • They thrive as being seen as individualistic and base their existence on this.

4w3 Enneagram types may have a diminished amount of the needs of Threes:

  • They base their self-worth on others seeing them as valuable.


Enneagram 4 wing 3 has many strengths. Here are just a few:

  • Innovative
  • Organized
  • Efficient in problem-solving
  • Productive
  • Elegant
  • Authentic


Some weaknesses Enneagram 4 wing 3 has to work on are:

  • Withdrawn
  • Overly image-conscious
  • Self-pitying and prone to depression
  • Temperamental

Direction of Growth and Stress

Direction of Stress and Growth for Enneagram Type 3 and Type 4

During times of personal development, 4w3 Enneagrams will assume the best characteristics of the integration (growth) line of Fours and Threes. In periods of stress, they’ll inherit their worst aspects of the disintegration (stress) lines. For this reason, they will react slightly differently to pure Fours or 4w5 Enneagrams.

Growth Arrow to One and Six

While the Four growth arrow (One) will take precedence, some Three growth (Six) traits will probably emerge.

In growth, 4w3 Enneagram types will show the positive aspects of:

One (Four integration):

  • They may develop a strong sense of right and wrong.
  • They could become conscientious, calm, and systematic in their approach to problems.

Six (Three integration):

  • Determined and strong, they’ll become loyal, tranquil, and great during conflicts, or while inspiring and motivating others.
  • They may become tranquil and genial and able to grasp the emotions of others.

Stress Arrow to Two and Nine

While Four stress arrow (Two) will take precedence, it’s likely that some Three’ stress (Nine) traits will emerge.

In stress, 4w3 Enneagram types will exhibit the negative qualities of:

Two (Four disintegration):

  • They may manipulate people in order to feel validated.
  • They could become emotionally detached.
  • They might become insecure and dependent on others.
  • Any appearance of modesty probably won’t seem sincere.

Nine (Three disintegration):

  • Their competitive streak may become excessive as they try to give the appearance of success.
  • The more anxious they become, the more they’ll withdraw while taking on monotonous tasks.
  • Alternatively, they may uncharacteristically lash out.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 4w3s

Existence, without experiencing the trials life throws at people, is unachievable. And with these highs and lows, emotions fluctuate. In Enneagram terms, these variations in feelings are referred to as healthy and unhealthy states.

A Healthy 4w3 Enneagram type

  • Innovative and driven, a healthy 4w3 Enneagram could find inspiration in creating something amazing to share with the world.
  • With the unique approach to problem-solving present in Fours, along with the inherent self-motivated problem-solving skills in Threes, in a healthy state, 4w3 Enneagrams might unfold solutions to issues that have been deemed unsolvable.

An Average 4w3 Enneagram type

  • The creativity of Fours and the drive of Threes would probably be noted in an average 4w3 Enneagram.
  • They may be moody, over-sensitive, and detached, or they may inspire others around them with their unique ideas.
  • They will probably be more productive and organized than the average Four, and more innovative and self-conscious than the regular Three.

An Unhealthy 4w3 Enneagram type

  • If 4w3 Enneagrams fail at a project they believe provides them with a sense of identity, they may descend into an unhealthy phase and withdraw into depression.
  • They may become envious of others whom they believe to be successful—especially at a similar task.
  • They could appear awkward and secretive, or they might over-share their feelings.
  • They might manipulate others in order to turn the situation to their advantage.

Growth Recommendations

Here’s how Enneagram 4w3s can become a better version of themselves:

  • Allow your Three wing to help you succeed. With the strong drive to achieve, the conscientiousness, the ability to organize, and the competitive nature of Threes, your creative successes might be an arm’s length away. Instead of allowing yourself to grow depressed for past failings, embrace future possibilities.
  • Learn from your less dominant Five wing. Enneagram personalities often become well-rounded by developing both wings. Although your Five side is veiled, you could use their ability to compartmentalize, especially with your emotions. This could help you deal with one feeling at a time instead of becoming overwhelmed.

Famous people who are Type 4w3

Noteworthy 9w1 Enneagram people:

  • William Shakespeare, English playwright, actor, and poet.
  • Amy Winehouse, English songwriter and singer.
  • Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch, English actor.

Enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5

Key similarities

The similarities between 4w3 Enneagram and 4w5 Enneagram may be found in their common connection.

Both 4w3 Enneagram and 4w3 Enneagram will probably be:

  • Creativity.
    • The input of success-needy Threes could see 4w3 Enneagrams bringing their creative achievements to life, however, their ambitions may sometimes exceed their talents.
    • With introspective and analytical Fives, 4w5 Enneagrams will probably have a well-outlined innovation, ready for the world, however, they may keep it to themselves—perhaps not having the confidence in their creation to present it.
  • Beauty.
    • Threes may enjoy others seeing them as distinguished in appearance and environment and Fours are inherently stylish, this trait will possibly appear in 4w3 Enneagrams.
    • 4w5 Enneagrams may not be as showy, since Fives prefer not to attract attention, but the dominating Four will probably bring an appreciation for aesthetic beauty and style.

Key differences

The differences noted between 4w3 Enneagram and 4w5 Enneagram will arise from the varied personalities of Threes and Fives.

  • An Enneagram 4 wing 3 will probably show more extroversion than Enneagram 4 wing 5. They could be more outgoing, sociable, and, in times of growth, connected with others.
  • Enneagram Fours with a Five wing should be more intellectual, logical, desiring of knowledge, and private. While 4w3 Enneagrams may need others to express public appreciation of their successes, 4w5 Enneagrams will be content in knowing they succeeded, with just a private pat on the back from a source they admire.


An Enneagram 4 wing 3 will have characteristics not identical to Enneagram 3 wing 4. This is because, in each case, the dominant traits will be more influential. Neither will they share the exact make-up of an Enneagram 4 wing 5 or a natural Four.

A 4w3 Enneagram might diligently strive to achieve, but their ambitions may be out of reach. With the extroverted nature of Threes, they may be mildly more outgoing than natural Fours or 4w5 Enneagrams.

It’s important to note, that Enneagram Personality modeling is designed along the premise that individuals can develop into the best version of themselves.

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