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Enneagram 1 Wing 9: Mixing Perfectionist With Peacemaker

An Enneagram test will reveal a lot about your personality traits, motivations, etc. in the form of a Personality Type (1-9). However, it’s important to remember that humans are also subject to change. We can’t simply be classified as a type, with no variations. Time and our own life experiences will also affect how we react in certain situations.

Wings are a great way to explore the different facets of one’s personality in depth. The wings are the two personality types that sit beside your core type in the Enneagram circle. For Enneagram 1, these two types are 9 and 2.

This article will discuss the Enneagram type 1 with wing 9.

The enneagram wings 1

Key Characteristics

Listed below are the notable traits of 1w9s.

Personality Traits

  • Favor being around nature or animals rather than other people.
  • Want to improve the world in a gentle manner.
  • Respond to negativity by redirecting their emotions.
  • Protect themselves from the influence of others.
  • Relate to idealized versions of humans as opposed to who people actually are in reality.
  • Move very little and maintain an upright posture, give genuine smiles every now and then.


The Enneagram test really looks into each of the 9 type’s personality traits—more so than other available personality tests. It does this by studying the desires and fears of each type and thus, analyzing what motivates them and influences their decisions.


Fears can be a real driver in how we deal with what life may throw at us. The Enneagram believes that our personality traits are shown in the coping mechanisms that we choose to adopt.

  • 1w9s most fear being seen as bad and incapable of making the right choices.


The desires that each Enneagram type has, are inexplicably linked to their fears.

  • 1w9s most desire to be competent and perfect.


  • Open-minded and surrender to the natural unfolding of events
  • Relaxed, trusting, and accepting of others
  • Well-educated and polite individuals overall, making good companions and teachers
  • Focused on details
  • Adhere to their personal values


  • Prone to procrastination, especially when things get tough
  • Extremely idealistic
  • Self-righteous
  • Neglect things that are important but difficult
  • Passive-aggressive in their relationships
  • Place an emphasis on completing tasks rather than on themselves—leads to neglecting themselves

Directions of Growth and Stress

As much as it lists the nine different personality types, the Enneagram also recognises that these types will alter with time and cannot stay fixed. Personalities develop with life experiences but will always determine how a person will react in a certain situation.

Changes can head in different directions, and the Enneagram divides these changes into a direction of growth and a direction of stress.

Direction of Stress and Growth for Enneagram Type 9 and Type 1

Growth Arrow to Seven and Three

1w9s, similar to their core type, go to Enneagram 7 during growth. However, there will be some differences in the nuances due to the presence of the 9 wing. This would probably find them leaning toward Enneagram 3 during integration.

The best characteristics of Sevens (One Integration) could show up in 1w9 Enneagram types during personal development. They would likely:

  • Speak in a more friendly and indirect style.
  • Allow certain aspects of their lives to flow instead of having everything adhere to rigid rules.
  • Tap into their fun-loving side.
  • Become more idealistic and enthusiastic.
  • Find enjoyment in tackling adventures and the pleasures of life.

The wing traits, Three (Nine Integration) might see them:

  • Having the capacity for empathy and tolerance for differences due to the influence of 9.
  • Serving as role models to others instead of being harshly critical.
  • Being devoted friends and family members who genuinely care about the people they let into their lives.
  • Becoming more people-oriented and using these skills in team-building and to motivate and inspire others to obtain success.
  • Being energetic, high-achieving multitaskers.

Stress Arrow to Four and Six

1w9s are still considered to be Type 1 at their very foundation, which means that they will progress to Enneagram 4 in stress. However, if they have strong Nine wing, they would probably present with personality quirks common to Enneagram 6.

The characteristics of Fours (One Disintegration) would dominate 1w9 Enneagram types during times of anguish, and they might:

  • Disconnect their body and mind, avoiding uncomfortable bodily sensations, hard feelings, and negative thoughts.
  • Worry about getting things correct and see only the mistakes of others.
  • Become more self-absorbed.
  • Feel overly emotional.
  • Perpetually feel restless and unfulfilled.
  • Seem peculiar or aloof.

In addition, the less likable qualities of Sixes (Nine Disintegration) would mean they could:

  • Socially isolated because they blame everyone else for the world’s troubles and perceive people as disappointing.
  • Quit making an effort to serve others due to burnout and find it a waste of time.
  • Feel excessively fearful, insecure, untrusting, and indecisive.
  • Obsess over and become cautious of future difficulties.
  • Become stubborn and rebellious toward authority figures.
  • Feel pessimistic and suspicious, which may lead to them procrastinating.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 1w9s

Below, we’re going to explore Type 1w9s when they are either in a healthy, average, or unhealthy mindset. It’s important to be aware of these ranges as people change on a constant basis.

Signs of a Healthy 1w9

  • Attuned to their emotions and their own company comfortable.
  • Less judgmental, are more open to the idea that they could be wrong and others could be right.
  • Have more control over when to pull away from stress to unwind and when to take action.
  • Lead others by showing an ideal way of behaving and navigating the world.

Signs of an Average 1w9

  • Careful to avoid making any mistakes and ethically bound to uphold the standards by which they live.
  • Criticize themselves so others won’t have to criticize them.
  • Try to get people to pay attention using their communication talents, both verbal and written.
  • Have doubts about whether people will follow their advice

Signs of an Unhealthy 1w9

  • Keep their emotions under control too much, making them stiff and giving them explosive energy—the repressed feelings build up without anyone noticing and come out in unpleasant ways.
  • Perceive life as a series of stylized routines that are done over and over again.
  • Worry about getting everything just right, so they become paralyzed and afraid of trying.
  • Become withdrawn, shun anyone who does not share their perspective, and rigorously adhere to their beliefs.

Growth Recommendations

  • Acknowledge that you cannot be right at all times. If another person has beliefs different from yours, respect them and be open about it. Otherwise, you’ll never know if another person has a valuable lesson they can share with you.
  • Relax, everything is fine. Any time you start to feel agitated or overwhelmed by your feelings, remind yourself to return your focus to your breathing. Take in your environment and maintain a firm footing in the here and now.
  • Speak with those you can trust. You have a propensity to retreat and isolate yourself while under stress. It’s okay to rely on others, especially during difficult times.
  • Express your emotions in a healthy way. You have a bad habit of repressing your anger and tend to experience frequent outbursts. Look for outlets for your pent-up feelings and use them. Engaging in healthy habits, like working out, yoga, or keeping a journal, can be a huge benefit.

Famous Enneagram Type 1w9s

These famous people (and one quite popular and beloved fictional character) have the personality Type 1w9.

  • Marcus Aurelius—Roman emperor
  • Mahatma Gandhi—Indian lawyer
  • C.S. Lewis—British writer
  • Mary Poppins—Fictional character
  • Natalie Portman—Israeli-American actress

Enneagram 1w9 vs 1w2

Below, we’ll go over some of the main differences and similarities between Type 1w9 and Type 1w2.

Key Similarities

  • Both types generally wish to help others, but where this differs is in how they act in their surroundings.
  • Both care about society and want to serve it as best as they can.
  • Both prioritize equality.
  • Both have strict morals and ethics code they follow.
  • Both are idealistic and would not get easily swayed by others.

Key Differences

  • 1w2s are slightly more concerned with serving others and caring about societal ideals than 1w9s.
  • The 1w2 is the more outgoing wing. They create an image of being eager to be of service to others and enjoy social interactions with others.
  • 1w2s are more in tune with their emotions. They are less prone to suppressing unpleasant emotions, such as rage or grief, and are more likely to express all of their emotions.
  • 1w9s are more restrained, composed and soft-spoken. Because 1s seek to initiate change and 9s want to maintain tranquility, the primary type and 9 wing will be somewhat at odds.
  • 1w9s are more welcoming of others and their differences. They do not inflict harsh words on others but rather show them what they think to be ideal via their acts and lives.
  • 1w2s take a proactive approach by getting their hands dirty and devoting themselves to a cause, 1w9s take a distant approach by motivating others with their voices.


1w9s are driven to harmonize all things because they have a fundamental desire to be ethically upright. They strive to better their physical worlds while becoming more impersonal and detached.

They can, however, be intolerant and haughty, refusing to accept criticism from others. They must learn to pause for a second and attempt to perceive the world through the eyes of those around them.

They must learn to think about how their biases and preconceived notions affect how they think, why they judge others, and how to meet them halfway. Even when they speak up for themselves, they must try to be humble and kind—being strong-willed doesn’t mean putting other people down.