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How Enneagram Types Impact Growth

If you know your Enneagram type, you might find it useful to understand how your type responds to stress and what traits you might exhibit during growth periods. Mastering stress and welcoming periods of growth, security, and self-care will guide you on your journey towards inner peace and prosperity.

In the Enneagram System, every type (number) connects to two other types (numbers) with a line of stress and growth. These stress and growth patterns are the “direction of disintegration,” or stress, and the “direction of integration,” or growth.

Enneagram Direction Growth

In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at those lines that connect corresponding numbers and talk about how each type looks in periods of growth. Let’s begin.

Overview of Stress and Growth Patterns

To help you better grasp the concept of Enneagram and the study of disintegration and integration within the system, remember the following:

Direction of Disintegration: Stress

When faced with stress, each Enneagram type tends to lapse into the more taxing aspects associated with their disintegration Enneagram type.

Direction of Integration: Growth

Conversely, Enneagram types in growth may experience the more constructive and flourishing aspects of their connected integration Enneagram type. However, they will maintain the positive aspects associated with their dominant Enneagram type.

Enneagram Type Wings

The wings of the Enneagram model or Enneagram growth chart lie adjacent to your dominant Enneagram type. Each Enneagram type exhibits some behaviors of these wings. If you use your wings while aspiring to improve, you could more swiftly reach your potential. Your dominant wing may guide or influence you more than the other. But tapping into the healthy intricacies of both wings quickly advances Enneagram types in growth periods. The benefits come when balancing the good traits of each wing with your dominant Enneagram type.

Enneagram Type One in Growth

Enneagram Type One (The Perfectionist) can be controlling and exacting. They typically expect organized composition and results from themselves and others. Resolute, conscientious, and dedicated, they fear mistakes.

In Growth

Enneagram Ones in growth will maintain their principles, dedication, and dependability, but will also display the healthy traits of Enneagram Sevens. You might find them becoming more spontaneous, audacious, and fun-loving.

Wings and Growth

With Enneagram Ones having Enneagram wing types Nine and Two, they might explore and adopt the healthy and positive traits of those types. To achieve balance, they embrace some of the characteristics of type Nines. Having a friendlier demeanor while testing their innovative skills, reassuring and inspiring others may alleviate stress by giving them a reprieve from their driven nature.

When connecting with Enneagram type Two during growth stages, their nurturing and compassionate side starts showing,. They might even get involved in a community project. Ones might try to find solace in helping others rather than fixating on the perfect outcome.

Enneagram Type Two in Growth

Enneagram Type Two (The Helper) is benevolent, empathetic, and generous. They may fear being unlovable or rejected.

In Growth

Enneagram Two in growth will still come across as warm, helpful, and generous with their time. Their Enneagram growth type is Four, so they could show their creative and insightful characteristics and become more in harmony with their own needs.

Wings and Growth

Since Enneagram Twos’ wings are types One and Three, they might aspire to balance the good qualities of these wings in their quest for self-improvement.

To enhance their connection with Enneagram type One, Twos could try being more structured and self-disciplined while dedicating themselves to the task at hand. This restraint may help prevent Twos from giving too much attention and energy to others.

To adopt the healthy traits of Threes, Twos must try to be more flexible in their approach towards a successful outcome. When fighting for the top, Twos may feel more confident and less likely to feel as if others might reject them.

Enneagram Type Three in Growth

Enneagram Type Three (The Achiever) usually has a strong desire to succeed. They may base their self-worth on the opinions of others and therefore fear failure.

In Growth

When in growth stages, Enneagram Threes may take on the more encouraging behaviors of Enneagram Type Six. This means they’ll start value steadfast, trustworthy friendships and relationships. They’ll welcome their pragmatic side and be sound support during a crisis while accepting help from others.

Wings and Growth

The wings of Enneagram Type Three are Two and Four. While they may display the more constructive features of one, it’s a good idea to try to find the balance between the two.

The beneficial disposition of Enneagram Twos is their warmth. Also, they have immensely people-pleasing natures and find pleasure in helping others. In Enneagram Type Four, Threes might find themselves showing individualistic-type behaviors, being innovative, instinctual, and emotionally aware.

Enneagram Type Four in Growth

Enneagram Type Four (The Individualist) tends to be highly imaginative, distinctive, and perceptive of their own and others’ emotions. Because they can be self-critical and feel unlovable, they may fear being pushed aside socially.

In Growth

Enneagram Four growth finds them demonstrating the dedicated, structured, dependable, and ethical virtues of Enneagram Type One. The perfectionist side of Fours might make them feel compelled to help with others.

Wings and Growth

Enneagram Type Four wings are Enneagram Types Three and Five. Since Enneagram Type Three is inherently an achiever, Fours may show signs of competitiveness, adaptability, and productivity which will help on their road to success.

With the investigative tendencies of Enneagram Type Five, the curiosity and analytical abilities of the Fours may lead them to find unique solutions. For their personal development, finding an equilibrium between these strengths is important.

Enneagram Type Five in Growth

The pioneering quality of Enneagram Type Five (The Investigator) makes them always question their environment, the people around them, and even themselves. They may fear being incapable, and to gain knowledge, they might close off socially.

In Growth

Enneagram Fives in growth may exhibit the more worthy tendencies of Enneagram Type Eight—the Challenger. Defenders and protectors, the confidence shown in Enneagram Type Eight may help Fives guide and encourage others.

Wings and Growth

The wings of Enneagram Type Five are Four and Six. Having a wing of Enneagram Type Four may further enhance the innovative abilities of Fives. Fives will also be able to tap into the empathetic, understanding, and reflective side of their nature. From Type Six, Fives will adopt loyalty, practicality, and the need to always be prepared.

Enneagram Type Six in Growth

Steadfast and conscientious, Enneagram Type Six (The Loyalist), thrives on secure relationships where they support others and feel supported. They may tend to fear loneliness and the unknown, making them over-trusting.

In Growth

Enneagram Six growth and stress lines affect how they deal with problems. In growth, however, the trustworthiness of Sixes may overlap with the harmonious side of Nines. Having the natural responsible, conflict-solving nature of the Six touched by this need to keep the peace may find people seeking them out in times of trouble.

Wings and Growth

Having Enneagram Type Five and Enneagram Type Seven wings allow Sixes to make use of several beneficial characteristics. Already a problem solver, Enneagram Type Six may find they’re able to employ the analytical skills of the Fives. Additionally, their astuteness and curiosity may guide them to coming up with unique perspectives when faced with problems.

Being able to balance these skills with the Enneagram Type Seven wing will further assist Sixes in their growth journey. With their natural steadfast personality, being able to adopt the enthusiasm, spontaneity, and optimism of Enneagram Type Seven will assist them during stressful times.

Enneagram Type Seven in Growth

The adventurous character of the Enneagram Type Seven (The Enthusiast) presents itself as spontaneity and enthusiasm. This outwardly playful display may arise from their fear of being purposeless, though they often have a wide variety of talents and expertise.

In Growth

Enneagram Seven in growth may find its roots in the investigative nature of Enneagram Type Five. A hunger for knowledge will complement the Seven’s need for having a purpose in life. Also, the analytical and innovative skills of Fives means that Sevens will seldom need to face their fear of purposelessness.

Wings and Growth

The wings of Enneagram Type Seven allows them to capitalize on the devoted practicality of Enneagram Type Six and the strong, commanding, and protective merits of Enneagram Type Eight.

If Sevens tap into the conscientious tendencies of Sixes, it may ground them and calm that need for spontaneity that can sometimes take control of their lives. The take-charge mien of Enneagram Type Eight can help balance the adventurous and spontaneous spirit of Sevens by enabling them to face the stressful situations instead of running from them.

Enneagram Type Eight in Growth

Innovative and assertive, Enneagram Type Eight (The Challenger) tends to be self-assured. They also often protect, guide, and encourage those close to them. However, they may fear rejection and, therefore might initiate a rebuff rather than be subjected to it. They may also be unaware of their personal sensitivities.

In Growth

Enneagram Eight in growth may find them leaning toward mannerisms of Enneagram Type Two. Their ability to guide and encourage others, couples well with Twos, who enjoys supporting and assisting friends and family. Adopting the warm and altruistic regard of Type Twos may instill confidence and security in those Eights may aid.

Wings and Growth

The enthusiastic aspects of Enneagram Type Seven and the congenial traits of Enneagram Type Nine may influence the behavior of the Eights. These two personality types are vastly different, and if Eights are able to harness both, they’ll have an abundance of additional resources at their disposal.

The adventurous and spontaneous side of Enneagram Type Seven could help Eights in times of stress by reminding them to let go and to take a well-deserved break. When looking at how Eights might employ their Enneagram Type Nine wing in growth, it all comes down to finding the amiable, optimistic, creative, and carefree sides of Nines which will complement the Eights’ assertive and direct nature.

Enneagram Type Nine in Growth

The pleasant and reassuring side of Enneagram Type Nine (The Peacemaker) makes them excellent at negotiating balanced outcomes. They may fear conflict and might become over-accommodating. Their resulting resentment might find them withdrawing into their imagination.

In Growth

Enneagram Nine in growth presents with semblances of Enneagram Type Three. This results in their usually generous, laid-back, and peaceful bearing coming through with the ardent need to succeed and charm, competence, self-confidence, and adaptability.

Wings and Growth

The wings of Enneagram Nine lead to them having the assertive, protective traits of Enneagram Type Eight and the perfectionist, ethical, and dependable qualities of Enneagram Type One. These wings may help the peacemaking Enneagram Nines in their quest for growth.

Employing the assertive aspects of Eights, could help prevent Nines from becoming too permissive, which may lead to resentment.  Similarly, the structure, dependability, and rule-following behavior of Ones which can make them seem bossy could help Nines not seem so laid-back or accommodating.


People are always on a quest to become the best version of themselves. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and unexpected surprises bring stress, anxiety, and helplessness to the table.

Everyone’s looking for ways to reduce stress and improve their self-perception. If you know your Enneagram type, you can easily benefit from exploring your Enneagram stress and growth lines. By doing so, you can establish stress triggers and find resolutions. Remember to tap into your dominant type and corresponding wings equally, to heal faster and bounce back after stressful situations (which, unfortunately, life is full of).