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Compatibility of Enneagram Type 2 with Type 9: Keeping The Peace And Helping Each Other

Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9 scores this partnership second highest for Twos and tied second (with Sevens) for Nines. With this knowledge, it may seem as if this couple could walk away without any fear that their relationship may fail.

However, every relationship will benefit if each partner chooses to develop themselves on a personal level. This is where Enneagram personality typing could assist, as it encourages growth in both individuals and relationships.

This article discusses the romantic potential of Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9. It includes the traits each partner will appreciate in the other, and outlines the less likable behavioral patterns.

Type 2 Compatibility With Type 9

The Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9 score is derived from the core types of Twos and Nines. However, wings, integration (growth), and disintegration (stress) are three areas where significant changes in the personality of the Enneagram types may arise. These changes may also alter the quality of the relationship in question.

Compatibility Score

With a score of 76%, Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9 seems like a given. However, when taking the many other factors into account, the results may differ. A Walden university dissertation determined, using results obtained from 324 couples, that men and women of one Enneagram type choose mates with varying characteristics. In addition, they tend not to be compatible with similar personalities. Other influencing factors in compatibility may be EnneaDyads and secure or insecure attachment styles.


While it’s uncertain whether EnneaDyads have any effect on a relationship’s success, the belief is that they affect those with mismatched or insecure attachment styles. It may be that only Allied and Integrative relationships show positive results. Alternatively, satisfaction may be found in the following order:

  • Ally
    • Woman is 2 and man is 1/Man is 2 and woman is 3
    • Woman is 9 and man is 8/Man is 9 and woman is 1
  • Disintegrative
    • Woman is 2 and man is 4/Man is 2 and woman is 8
    • Woman is 9 and man is 3/Man is 9 and woman is 6
  • Integrative
    • Woman is 2 and man is 8/Man is 2 and woman is 4
    • Woman is 9 and man is 6/Man is 9 and woman is 3
  • Matching
    • Woman and man are both 2
    • Woman and man are both 9
  • Shadow
    • Woman is 2 and man is 3/Man is 2 and woman is 1
    • Woman is 9 and man is 1/Man is 9 and woman is 8
  • Non-related
    • Either the man or woman is 2 and their partner is 5,6,7, or 9
    • Either the man or woman is 9 and their partner is 2,4,5, or 7

Anxiety and Avoidance in Attachment Styles

When Enneagram types both show secure or mismatched attachment styles (one secure and one insecure), their relationship may be more likely to succeed than those with two insecure attachment styles. However, earned attachments may be formed and maintained within relationships during times of personal growth. Dyadic types usually come into effect in mismatched or insecure attachment styles.

Twos have an attachment style of high anxiety and low avoidance (insecure). Nines with a One wing exhibit low anxiety and low avoidance (secure), and Nines with an Eight wing show high anxiety and high avoidance (insecure).

Wings, Growth, and Stress

Enneagram 2s’ wings, Ones and Threes, have secure attachment styles. Enneagram 9s’ wings, Eights and Ones, have insecure and secure attachment styles respectively. Depending on the dominant wings of each, Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9 may be enhanced.

Personal growth and stress (integration and disintegration) may also influence the quality of a relationship positively or negatively.

  • Twos integrate to Four—insecure
  • Nines integrate to Three—secure
  • Twos disintegrate to Eight—insecure
  • Nines disintegrate to Six—insecure

What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

Each partner contributes unique qualities to Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9. These usually have a marked effect on the advantages or disadvantages of the relationship.

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

Twos tend to pride themselves on assessing how others may need help and then providing that assistance. While they’re warm and altruistic, they may become insecure and even devious when their aid is not appreciated or reciprocated.

Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker

Passive and non-confrontational, Nines may often overlook their own needs in pursuit of providing unbiased opinions during mediation. While they’re optimistic and compassionate, they may not take time constraints too seriously.

Enneagram Wing Contribution

A strong wing may also impact Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9.

Enneagram Type 2w1, Type 2w3, Type 9w8, and Type 9w1

Ones are the hard-working, moral police of the Enneagram. They could become reproachful of others that don’t adhere to their ethics. Still, they’re gentle and loyal in nature, though they may chastise themselves for being less than accurate in everything they do.

Ones’ attachment style: secure.

Driven overachievers, Threes have abundant energy, which they pour into achieving their goals and fine-tuning their image. They’re confident motivators and easily adapt in order to show excellent results.

Threes’ attachment style: secure.

Eights come across as powerful and assertive. Their decisive natures may help them skillfully sail through problems and issues. They’re courageous, independent, and extremely protective of those in their care.

Eights’ attachment style: insecure.

Positives of This Pairing

Neither Twos nor Nines are particularly moody or temperamental. In fact, in Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9, both partners are usually calm and stable. Due to this, they can discuss issues without malice or judgment, especially in the case of Nines, who may have trouble raising their concerns at all.

While Nines help others find resolutions to their conflicts, they don’t expect anything in return. Twos, on the other hand, need appreciation for their efforts. Nines will probably willingly stand back while Twos take the praise for any joint ventures.

Twos may enjoy the optimism and reliability of Nines in a relationship. And Nines may find comfort in the warmth and support that Twos will impart.

Potential Issues

In Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9, Twos may become frustrated with the indecisiveness of Nines. Twos also value a strong leader that they can support and champion, and may begin losing respect for their Nine partners.

While Twos themselves are not highly driven toward success, they are motivated to some extent. They may see the procrastinating side of Nines as lazy and uninspiring.

If Twos point out their concerns—which they may see as a way of helping their partner—Nines could withdraw into a passive-aggressive or even robotic state, since they avoid any form of confrontation. Twos may see this as Nines either refusing or not appreciating their help and guidance.


In Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 9, Twos and Nines bring their mutually warm and generous natures.

While neither may be inclined to broach their concerns, Twos are less likely to hold back than Nines, but they may have to draw the issues out of Nines. Nines will benefit if they confront Twos with their concerns, as this will more likely bring about the peace and harmony they crave.

This couple could be kind and loving, and while not quite a give-and-take kind of relationship, they’ll likely provide the warmth and stability that both may appreciate.

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