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Compatibility of Enneagram Type 2 with Type 2: A Double Dose Of Help

As with all doubles, Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2 ranks among the innately more harmonious relationships within Enneagram types. So it will come as no surprise that Enneagram Type 2 with Type 2 relationship is at the top of the list for Twos.

Regardless, this relationship doesn’t come without its own set of pitfalls. But if the couple studies up on Enneagram personality typing and aims to grow within their relationship, they’ll probably remain steadfast.

Type 2 Compatibility With Type 2

Let’s see the surprisingly high compatibility score between Type 2 and Type 2.

Compatibility Score

Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2 is a whopping 97% match. While it sounds fantastic with little chance of failure, there are other aspects to consider, like wings, stress, and growth.

Wings and Growth

Wings could potentially and significantly alter the personalities of all Enneagram types. With Twos, the wings would be Enneagram Type 1 and Type 3. This could have an impact on Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2 when delving into their similarities and differences. Lines of integration and disintegration also need to be considered when working through latent affinities and conflicts within relationships. All personalities exhibit their worst behaviors in times of integration (stress), and their best during periods of integration (growth) or advancement.

Anxiety and Avoidance

Interestingly and additionally, Enneagram types are categorized as having high or low anxiety and avoidance levels. One study outlines the behavior and outcomes of each: In high anxiety types, an individual may come across as having a poor self-image, while boosting the importance of others. Those that present with high avoidance levels will place little importance on their self-worth as well as on that of others. A person who struggles with the ability to trust is such an example. Twos emerge as high anxiety and low avoidance.

What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

In Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2, the similarities of the partners’ characteristics may lead this couple into a long, healthy, and harmonious relationship. But, to bungle a phrase, every silver lining has a cloud at its core. And this one is no different.

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

For Twos, it’s all about building relationships. Since this is true for both in a double-Two matching, it could lead to a wonderful and harmonious union. Twos are inherently altruistic.

They enjoy pleasing those around them, even at their own expense, possibly because they find fulfillment in how others perceive them. They’re not the type to put themselves in the public eye but as a support structure to a leader.

Their gratification comes from the acknowledgment and appreciation of the one in charge. They’ll nurture and devote themselves to their partners, even remembering dates of importance to the other.

Enneagram Wings

Since the wings are the same, when working with Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2, the possible personality alterations are minimized. This doesn’t mean the couple will have identical personalities. Depending on which is the dominant wing, this pair may be enormously different in multiple ways.

Enneagram Type 2w1

When Enneagram Type 1 has secondary authority over Twos, they may take on some of the low anxiety experienced in Ones. This could be good for a double-Two relationship, as Ones like to take the lead, and this may enable their Two partner to be the supporter. A Two-One relationship has a 70% compatibility, which ranks them as the 3rd best partner for Twos.

Enneagram Type 2w3

If Enneagram Type 3 plays a role in influencing Twos, they might become more goal-oriented. Their low anxiety and low avoidance levels may see this Two being a little more confident. While Twos and Threes need recognition for their accomplishments, Twos like having this praise come behind the scenes, while Threes like public acknowledgment.

Positives of This Pairing

The positives in Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2 are many. Warm-hearted and nurturing, double Twos will try to avoid conflict. Twos will offer emotional reinforcement to their partner.

Compassionate and sincere, they will encourage and boost each other in work, sports, hobbies, and home life. Likely, they’ll generously engage in causes like animal welfare or caring for the underprivileged.

Twos enjoy engaging with and meeting new people, albeit in one-on-one relationships. Since they thrive on receiving reassurance, appreciation, and approval, they’ll know to offer this kind of support to their partner.

Potential Issues

Twos often have a low sense of self-appreciation, so they need that affirmation to come from others. Within the relationship, they would probably provide the support their partners need.

However, they may become competitive about praise from others. This would especially be the case in mutual friendships, charity work, or other social engagements. The need to compete would surface if one partner gets sought more readily than the other for assistance or support.

In the long term, this could lead to jealousy since Twos thrive on being needed. Ultimately, one partner could become depressed while the other continues to thrive. As the former falls into a downward spiral, the increasing gap could lead to further issues.

They may lose physical interest in each other or find solace elsewhere.

To combat this, the Twos couple should discuss their source of discomfort calmly. This could draw the couple closer. As they work together to find a solution, both partners will feel needed. This will fulfill their mutual desire to be seen as essential to each other.


Working through Enneagram Type 2 compatibility with Type 2 will demonstrate how much potential this couple has. They could easily build a magnanimous, interactive, and congruous combination. Their mutual desire to help and the associated satisfaction they experience are characteristics that will make them feel united.

Still, problems will surface if the Twos compete. It could lead to one or both feeling depressed or pulling away.

If, however, the couple grows through Enneagram Type profiling and growth, they may, once more, find harmony and joy within their relationship.

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