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Compatibility of Enneagram Type 1 with Type 9: Making Peace With Perfection

Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 9 shows promise in personal growth periods but ineptitude during times of stress. Although they rank just below midway on the scale of compatible Enneagram Types for Ones, they have many common traits.

Using Enneagram personality typing, this couple could achieve amazing things in their relationship, as well as in their careers.

Type 1 Compatibility With Type 9

Let’s see what the compatibility score for these two types is.

Compatibility Score

The score for Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 9 is 54%. This midrange is likely congruent with the potential of the relationship, whether in evading personal growth on one hand or in understanding their mate on the other.

Wings and Growth

Wings play a large role in establishing the overall personality of any individual in Enneagram personality typing. Ones will likely take on the characteristics of their Nine and Two neighbors. However, one of their wings will always be superior and have a major influence over Ones’ personality. In this way, the percentage of Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 9 will shift either for the better or worse. Also, Ones and their dominant wings will take the lines of integration and disintegration into account.

Anxiety and Avoidance

Research on the behavior of each Enneagram Type in their opinion of themselves and others has found that Enneagram types with high anxiety may show signs of a poor self-image while overinflating the value of others. Those types that present with high avoidance levels will probably place little importance on their self-worth, as well as on that of others. A good example of this is when an Enneagram Type struggles with the ability to trust.

What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

Both Enneagram Type 1 and Type 9 bring complementary qualities to their relationship. They’re both hospitable and generous hosts, though, as a couple, they’ll need some quality alone time.

Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

Conscientious, systematic, and highly critical of themselves and others, Ones see things as right or wrong, good or evil, my way or your way, love or hate. They may be impatient and inflexible while struggling to compromise.

This stems from their inner sense that they don’t quite measure up. While they may be reproving of others, they expect much more from themselves. They could also be controlling, but they’re loyal and will pour abundant energy into aiding those less fortunate than themselves.

Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker

When it comes to idealism in Nines, they tend toward helping on a more personal level. These non-competitive individuals enjoy mediating and negotiating peaceful solutions. Optimistic and compassionate, Nines bring a sense of peace into this relationship, and their excellent organizational skills will have their home running like clockwork—something that perfectionist Ones will enjoy.

Since Nines are self-effacing and submissive, they don’t usually have—or express—very strong opinions. Nines’ complacent natures mean they are less likely to confront Ones, but will possibly withdraw and lash out in a passive-aggressive manner.

Enneagram Wings

Looking at Enneagram types, it’s always a good idea to take wings into consideration.  If you study your wings, you’ll discover how it can completely alter Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 9.

Enneagram Type 1w9

When Ones have a wing of Nine, they could become marginally less confrontational in their criticism. Also, 1w9 and Nine may find commonality in their detail-oriented natures. These factors in themselves could make Ones better understand their non-combative Nine mates.

Enneagram Type 1w2

With a Two wing, Ones might more sensitively approach Nines and ask for their opinion, rather than simply imposing theirs. However, they’re still likely to be more critical than Nines would appreciate.

Enneagram Type 9w8

Wow! What an interesting wing this gives to non-confrontational Nines. These two personalities are almost opposite in every way. If the dominant, decisive, and combative personality of Eights makes even the slightest appearance, it could result in a wonderful One-Nine match. These Nines will be more open about their feelings and less likely to withdraw, and their more decisive leaning may earn the respect of Ones.

Enneagram Type 9w1

Again, this matching could excel. The influence of a One wing on Nines could render them more decisive individuals who might challenge others on the rights and wrongs of the world. It’s important to note, however, that their dominant wing will still hold sway.

Positives of This Pairing

Ones and Nines are equally willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Be this in family, community, or at work. These hardworking idealists can assimilate both the positive and negative traits of their partner.

While Nines may avoid confrontations, Ones don’t go out to confront. So, as long as Ones withhold their need to express criticism, this partnership could remain harmonious.

Since Nines don’t enforce their opinions, they are less likely to become combative on matters where Ones strongly impart their point of view. And Nines’ accepting nature will likely have them taking on the sentiments of their One partner.

While Nines may struggle with decision-making, this characteristic is a strength of Ones. As long as Ones consider their Nine partners when making decisions, they’ll enjoy taking the lead in this area.

Potential Issues

Since Ones don’t easily compromise and Nines tend to over-compromise, Nines may, over time, become stressed about not expressing their needs. Instead of facing the situation and confronting their One partner, Nines will probably further withdraw, while getting increasingly angry.

Since Nines could not easily express anger, they could begin to feel inadequate. Nines might deal with this by engaging in prosaic, repetitive tasks, and losing themselves in minutiae.

Ones could grow frustrated with Nines when they regress into a state of dispassion. Ones might then criticize Nines for a lack of judgment, and this will result in Nines further disengaging.

To combat this, Nines should try to address their concerns in an unemotional, logical, and organized way. This will regain for them the respect of Ones. On the other hand, Ones should try to be more flexible and patient, as well as allow Nines to work in their own way and at their own pace.


In Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 9, the potential exists for a harmonious and stable relationship. This is mostly because Nines don’t express strong opinions and will allow Ones to take the lead.

Issues could surface if Nines avoid addressing their concerns or if Ones become impatient and critical. This could cause one or both partners to lose respect for, or faith in, their mate. The resulting backlash could cause the relationship to fail.

To achieve a successful relationship, studying their own and their partner’s Enneagram types could help them better understand how to approach each other and resolve conflicts.

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