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Compatibility of Enneagram Type 1 with Type 6: Loyal Perfection

Here’s an interesting one. Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 6 lands smack-bang in the middle of the compatibility scale  for Ones. But understand that Enneagram personality typing is all about developing a better understanding of your partner and of how to grow within your relationship.

Studying your own Enneagram Type alongside that of your partner could be a joint project. It will teach you both why you may react in certain situations, and how better to handle them.

Type 1 Compatibility With Type 6

Let’s see how compatibility scores, wings, and growth look like for this pair.

Compatibility Score

Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 6 shows an initial compatibility of 56%.

Wings and Growth

Another factor to consider when establishing compatibility are each Enneagram Type’s wings. Based on which wing Ones or Sixes lean toward as their strongest wing, they might find unique traits filtering into their Dominant Enneagram Type. During times of growth or stress, the resulting characteristics of their integration and disintegration lines could seep in.

Anxiety and Avoidance

One study reports that Ones display signs of having low anxiety and low avoidance, while Sixes operates with high anxiety and high avoidance. To outline the difference, anxiety is high in Enneagram types with poor self-esteem. These types might also over-inflate the value of others. High avoidance comes into play in Enneagram types who neither see themselves nor others in high stead. An example of this would be an inability to fully trust.

What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

Because of their many commonalities, Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 6 shows promise. Devotion and loyalty, a need to see good in the world, idealism, unwavering beliefs, sense of responsibility — these are some traits Ones and Sixes share.

Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

Serious and hardworking, Enneagram Type 1 is precise, systematic, and principled. They have an aversion to making mistakes and may be slightly intolerant of errors from their mates. Their good-and-evil / right-and-wrong view of the world can make them a little inflexible, and they might push their partner to subscribe to their viewpoint. They may also point out the flaws in their partner’s standing on a matter.

Their strong ethics and determination to see a successful outcome in projects, however, will have them putting every effort into their relationships. By nature, they’re generally serene and loyal, with a desire to have an input into positive changes in the world around them or at large.

Enneagram Type 6: The Loyalist

Sixes are friendly, generous, and engaging. Usually, they like to figure things out for themselves and may internalize and intellectualize problems. Although they’re optimistic, their serious side finds them mentally probing future obstacles.

Sixes are also uncomfortable with sudden changes, be it routine, or even erratic decisions made by a partner whom they need to unwaveringly trust. They’re excellent in emergencies and can troubleshoot most problems in the home or their careers. However, if they discover hidden motives in their mate, they may show cynicism toward them.

Enneagram Wings

The dominant wing of each Enneagram Type will play a powerful role in determining their personality. For this reason, it would be wise to take wings into account in discovering Type 1 compatibility with Type 6.

Enneagram Type 1w9

When the major aspect of a One is a wing of Nine, this could tone down their propensity for sharp criticism. They may also have a milder reaction to the occasional melodrama in their Six partner. This is because Nines are more passive and prone to avoid conflicts.

Enneagram Type 1w2

An Enneagram Type 1 with a Two wing might show increased empathy and sensitivity while being inclined to share an emotional connection with their partners. This might help them fetter their criticism.

Enneagram Type 6w5

Having a Five wing may be a boon for Sixes since Fives tend to use their heads rather than their hearts. Even with Five’s deeply sensitive nature, they may react to criticism with dampened emotions.

Enneagram Type 6w7

The low score of Type 1 compatibility with Type 7 could make a Six with a wing of Seven worse. However, since Sevens dislike conflict, the influence might adjust Six’s penchant for outbursts when One doles out criticism.

Positives of This Pairing

Many positive aspects of Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 6 may see this partnership excel. They both have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. This will prove especially advantageous to Sixes who may naturally lean toward skepticism and insecurity.

Also, Sixes can be indecisive, while Ones thrive on deciding on others’ behalf. Adding to this is the fact that Sixes enjoy following a trustworthy leader. These two factors have a quid pro quo effect on both Ones and Sixes.

Ones may not consider their need for warmth from their partners. Despite this, they will find this kindness affords them a serene and open trust for their Six mates.

Potential Issues

When stress enters this union, conflicts are inevitable. In Ones, the critical, no-nonsense aspect will probably emerge—like a cobra ready to strike—especially if their ‘always-good’ judgment is questioned.

When openly criticized, their Six partners could become emotional, insecure, and anxious. If confronted, they’ll become defensive, escaping into their head. They’ll likely start analyzing the future of their relationship while growing capricious.

Ones may call Sixes out on their emotional instability, viewing them as immature. This can quickly escalate into a downward spiral as Sixes may further retreat.

To combat potential issues, Ones should offer reassurance and guidance to Sixes while refraining from harsh criticism. In turn, Sixes may try to be more precise, while encouraging their One mate in their goals.


Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 6 shows promise. The couple share traits such as loyalty, earnestness, conscientiousness, a sense of purpose, and the desire to help others.

Still, their partnership isn’t without flaws. A certain common ethos may trigger the withdrawal of Six and frustration in One. Other attributes may exacerbate Ones, and yet others will probably cause anxiety to bubble up in Sixes.

Disregarding the potential issues, this couple could thrive, and every partnership will benefit when each practices growth within their personality type while discovering the deeper aspects of their mate.

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