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Compatibility of Enneagram Type 1 with Type 2: Will The Perfectionist And The Helper Find Balance?

The discussion about potential matches of Enneagram types largely encompasses the ideology that Enneagram personality typing embraces the human ability to grow and develop within your personality Type. Certain personality matches are more inherently compatible than others. Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2 is one such personality partnership.

Despite their level of compatibility, problems within this relationship may set in if a One condescends to their Two partner.

Type 1 Compatibility With Type 2

Here’s what the compatibility score says about those two Enneagram types.

Compatibility Scores

One study reveals that Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2 is as high as 70%. This is only behind Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 1, at 92%, and Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 3, at 87%.

Wings and Growth

Wings, growth, and stress are other factors that influence personalities. The wings of Ones are 2 and 9—the numbers on either side of their dominant. One wing will have more sway over the personality than the other.

Anxiety and Avoidance

According to research conducted in 2010, both Ones and Nines display low anxiety and low avoidance. This is to do with how much value Enneagram types place on themselves and others. Anxiety is high when individuals have a low self-image while admiring others. Avoidance is high in those who have a low self-image and an equally cynical view of others.

What Each Type Brings to the Relationship

Several determinants may control Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2. This is especially prevalent when factoring in the level of influence their wings may have on their dominant Enneagram Type.

Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

Within a relationship, the personality of Ones will bring goodness, structure, solid values, and high standards. They will treat their companion with respect and will work hard at maintaining a successful companionship.

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

Enneagram Type 2 will bring devotion, compromise, support, nurturing, generosity, and compassion into this union. They will put their partner’s needs ahead of their own, and will never forget an anniversary or birthday.

Enneagram Wings

The wing that each member of the relationship leans toward will modify the Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2. However, this should not majorly alter the connection between them, since their dominant Enneagram Type will have the greater ramification within their personalities.

Enneagram Type 1w9

Enneagram Type 9 as the primary wing of the Enneagram Type will alter certain traits of Type 1. Their mutual low anxiety and low avoidance mean that they will probably handle conflicts with maturity. The consequence of that is that the influence of Type 9 may lead to a slightly more passive, modest, and less-controlling Type 1.

Enneagram Type 1w2

While it may at first seem that Enneagram Type 1w2 and Type 2w1 are the same, the dominant Enneagram Type will have the major effect on the overall personality, in this case, Enneagram Type 1. The secondary influence of Type 2 will lead the Ones, showing up as increased sensitivity and selflessness.

Enneagram Type 2w1

This Enneagram Type 2 personality will encompass their natural leaning of altruism and kindheartedness, with the occasional criticism of others, inflexibility, or fastidiousness.

Enneagram Type 2w3

As much as Enneagram Type 2 is benevolent, the energetic need of Enneagram Type 3 for personal advancement may balance Type 2—in the sense that Type 2 may be slightly less magnanimous.

Positives of This Pairing

Whether or not you take wings into account, Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2 shows great potential. This couple should thrive without too many difficulties. They share many common traits, including their hard-working ethic and the desire to see their values and a sense of justice filter into the world around them.

They share a hard-working ethic and strong sense of motivation, though Ones aim for the good of all and Twos place their focus on one-on-one unions.

While Ones may not be inclined to go on outings, they need to take breaks in order to avoid fatigue and stress. Twos will encourage their One mate to relax and take time out for themselves and their companionship.

Even though it may frustrate Ones that Twos might not be as concerned about errors or pay as much attention to detail as them, being with a Two may help them learn to lighten up. Also, Ones will probably impart some of their perfectionism on their Two partners. Herein lies a great growth opportunity for the relationship and the couple.

Potential Issues

It’s important that in fixing and aiding their chosen crusades, they don’t neglect each other and any underlying issues that may surface within their relationship. If this happens, Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2 might falter. Also, an idealistic Enneagram 1 may become irritated with a Type 2 for giving more to outside parties than they receive.

Ones should also be cautious when criticizing their Two companions. This will be problematic when Twos are in help mode, as Enneagram Type 2s may lash out if their kindness is unappreciated or reciprocated. In addition, Twos may become obsessed with facilitating when confronted with a similar matter at a later date, as they base their self-worth on their good deeds.

Another point of contention may arise when concerns surface for either party within the relationship. Both Ones and Twos sometimes refrain from confrontations. This may cause these issues to fester and grow into potentially explosive arguments.

When issues arise, Twos should raise them in a manner that is calm, rational, and non-critical—something Ones will not appreciate—and encourage their One partner to work with them in these matters.

It’s also important that Ones remember to show appreciation for the many sacrifices that their Two counterparts make for them, or for how Enneagram Type 2 backs them while they work toward achieving their goals.


There is a high probability that Enneagram Type 1 compatibility with Type 2 will lead to a successful union. As a natural match, this couple is less likely to have to work hard to keep their passion alive. They share many common traits, and Twos focus on relationships, so they will probably gently remind Ones if things go wrong and they aren’t meeting their expectations regarding dreams and desires.

With the natural tendency of Ones to work hard to find solutions, and the need of Twos to back and encourage, both parties may get what they need in the relationship. While Twos may be more anxious than Ones, they share the need to aid the less fortunate. However Type Ones do this from the point of view of needing to fix, while Twos have an inherent need to assist.

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