Visual Learning Style

Learning by Seeing


Visual style is learning by seeing. You learn visually whenever you gain information from sight. This includes more than just the viewing of pictures and your surroundings. Visual learning also encompasses the written word. Visual learners benefit greatly from teaching that utilizes illustrations, charts, diagrams, videos, etc. They often feel a need to convert spoken instruction into visual form by taking notes.

Characteristics of a Visual Learner

  • Good at remembering people’s faces
  • Accurately recognizes body language and facial expressions
  • Able to picture things in their mind
  • Good at taking notes in the form of text and doodles
  • Comprehends visual information such as charts, graphs and diagrams
  • Recalls appearances with ease
  • Appreciates pictures and illustrations in books
  • Enjoys learning from video presentations
  • Learns well from flash cards
  • Notices visual details that others might miss

Also see the Visual/Spatial Intelligence in Multiple Intelligences.