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Extraverted Feeling Function (Fe)

Feeling people make decisions based on feelings, so the Extraverted Feeling function allows a person to adjust their behavior to the needs of others.

Extraverted Feeling is the ability to relate and the desire to connect with others with warmth and consideration. It draws others out and responds to expressed or unexpressed needs.

Personality Types with Extraverted Feeling

The ESFJ and ENFJ personality types have Extraverted Feeling as their Primary Function.

ESFJ – The “Supporter”
Supporters are friendly and nurturing. They seek to preserve tradition and observe rules. They are deeply caring and want to be liked. Their caretaking nature is one of the hallmarks of being a Supporter. They are supportive (hence their name) and generous. Supporters have a desire to please and help others.
ENFJ – The “Mentor”
Mentors are driven by their desire to help others reach their fullest potential. They are affectionate, charismatic and deeply caring. Mentors feel called to enrich the world with their altruistic contributions. They are often called upon to help others in times of need.