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Kinesthetic Learning Style

Learning by Doing


Kinesthetic style is learning by doing. You learn in this manner whenever you capture new information through the process of physical activity. It is often referred to as a hands-on learning experience. Consider how you learned to ride a bicycle. You learned by getting on a bike to experience and practice balancing, steering and pedaling. This experience ultimately taught you how to ride.

Characteristics of a Kinesthetic Learner

  • Good at learning through hands-on experience
  • Often bored with traditional textbook learning
  • Likes to move around and explore their environment
  • Usually enjoys athletics and physical education
  • Likes to touch objects and people
  • Would rather participate than watch
  • Appreciates opportunities to go on field trips
  • Gets satisfaction from building with their hands
  • Enjoys classes with physical experiments
  • Can become restless without physical activity

Also see the Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence in Multiple Intelligences.