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Auditory Learning Style

Learning by Hearing


Auditory style is learning by hearing. This type of learning is helpful in the classroom environment. During a lecture, an auditory learner is able to easily comprehend, process and retain information. Auditory learning is not only the ability to listen to spoken word and interpret tone, but to do so with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Learners with strong auditory ability are able to hear and comprehend without missing much.

Characteristics of a Auditory Learner

  • Good at remembering people’s names
  • Recalls spoken information with ease
  • Aware of and easily distracted by sounds
  • Enjoys listening to audio books and storytelling
  • Often skilled at speaking
  • Prefers classes in lecture format
  • May record lectures to hear again later
  • Benefits from reading out loud
  • Enjoys rhymes and rhythmic pattern in language
  • Benefits from group discussions

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